Top 10 Guidelines to Choosing a SAP Service Partner

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Have you ever wondered how to choose a SAP Service Partner

Confused by all the SAP Partner Service offerings; not sure what the difference is between the giants (Big 4) and the niche players?  Need some guidance when it comes to choosing your SAP Partner?  As Senior SAP Project/Program Managers, we have been on all sides of this process and wanted to share what we have learned.

SAP Partner Certification


Breaking Down The SAP Partner Eco-System


  1. SAP Partners are not set up according to a ‘Franchise Type Manual’ provided by SAP. 

    Strangely enough, especially when it comes to pure service play partners (SAP Consultancies), the only real guideline SAP provides SAP Partners is for them to come up with an annual business plan-on the part of the partners!  Sure, there are a ton of partner resources out there, but there is no set ‘Partner University’ that dictates every single aspect of their business operations.

  2. SAP has many partners, both official and ones that are ‘just’ out there.

  3. The big SAP Partners may claim to have 18 to 20 thousand SAP consultants on staff.  However, many of those ‘on staff’ consultants are not actually in the U.S. or are ‘in-training’.

  4. SAP Partners do not have all that many SAP Certified Consultants.  This has consequences.

  5. Customers need to understand they are most interested in the availability and quality of SAP consultants and that the company they come from is secondary.

  6. High-end SAP consultants are in short supply.  The primary job of your SAP partner is to find the best and get them on your project.

  7. High-end SAP consultants do not come cheap.  If you find a good one who is available, price is secondary.  Your primary goal is to get that person to spend time on your project.

  8. New SAP functionality, which is released every 6 months, via enhancement packages, is something high-end SAP Certified consultants will know about.  However, their greatest value is their experience from all their past projects and their ability to integrate the new functionality into your solution.

  9. Top SAP consultants will manage their time as well as their customers so that everybody has a life.  They don’t need or do death-march projects.

  10. Of all the capabilities high-end SAP consultants bring to the table, none is more valuable than the ability to communicate effectively.


SAP Certified Partners and Consultants


There you have it.  SAP Partners bring a lot to the table.  The most important of which are SAP consultants.  The evidence is that the more SAP certified consultants you have on a project, the higher the probability of success. 

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