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With over 20,000 SAP Partners currently listed in the SAP Partner portal, it is tough to differentiate your offering

Unfortunately, SAP doesn't provide a franchisee type operations manual.

SAP Partner Inbound Marketing is based on using advanced Inbound Marketing techniques to generate massive numbers of perfectly targeted leads based on your perfect buyer profile. Coupled with Inbound Sales processes as practiced by SAP, it is THE most powerful marketing tool in use by SAP Partners.

Your Inbound Marketing Partner

As Hubspot Certified Inbound Marketing Consultants who also have and maintain our Hubspot Inbound Marketing Agency Partner Certification, we know how to solve your toughest challenge - getting new leads and turning them into customers:


SAP Partner Inbound Marketing

The Inbound Marketing Model

We Are Your Hubspot Inbound Marketing Partner

As an SAP Services Partner, we've been using the  inbound marketing methodology to operate as an Inbound Business for over a decade.  As a Hubspot Inbound Marketing Agency, we've been providing Hubspot Inbound Marketing Consulting to SAP Partners for years now.  As a SAP focused services consultancy, we have developed a unique set of Inbound Marketing and Sales capabilities and skillsets around helping other SAP partners benefit from using the Inbound Marketing and Sales Consulting Methodology

We're Who You Want as Your Hubspot Marketing Partners - Focused on SAP

When it comes to marketing SAP solutions, you will find many Hubspot inbound marketing partners claim to focus on SAP.  But few, if any, can bring the SAP background to the task as we can.  In particular, the two founders of SAP BW Consulting, Inc. have decades on of hands-on SAP consulting and SAP implementation experience.  Lonnie Ayers, PMP, was previously a Senior SAP Industry Principal, and 'owned' the pipeline for the following industries in a key SAP region: 

  • Travel & Transportation
  • Logistics
  • Aerospace & Defense
  • EC&O (Engineering, Construction & Operations)
  • Professional Services
  • Utilities
  • Postal. 

In addition, and critically, he is an expert in MRO or Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul.  He also holds a SAP Materials Management Certification, SAP Business Warehouse Certification, SAP Strategic Enterprise Management (SAP SEM) Certification, SAP Continuous Business Certification or SAP CBI and is a Certified SAP Value Engineer.

With well over 200 SAP Pre-Sales demonstrations under his belt, both as a hands-on demonstration guy as well as the  manager of the overall pre-sales demo, he knows how to find useful information in the Partner Portal of SAP and make sure it is delivered at decisive points to the customer.  As an Hubspot inbound marketing consultant, he is uniquely able to combine the Hubspot inbound marketing methodology and his inbound sales Hubspot certification and experience with SAP sales training and experience to help every SAP partner successfully market and sell SAP products and services.

Need to Know How to Become SAP Partner?

Many of our clients have plans to become a SAP partner but do not know how become an SAP partner.  This is another area of expertise that we bring to the table - we've provided coaching to many prospective SAP partners.  Within the SAP partner community, SAP is known as a demanding partner, as well they should be.  They provide a lot of opportunities for partnering and indeed, they rely on partners more than most realize. Working as your Hubspot inbound marketing consultant, we can show you how to leverage ALL of the valuable marketing content and Value Selling tools available to you as a SAP Partner.  Hubspot consulting partners can help set real revenue and growth goals, then design and execute a plan that helps achieve them, which is critical to your success.  Working as your Hubspot consulting partner, we'll show you how, using inbound, SAP can provide massive sales opportunities for your business.

Inbound Marketing IT Channel Partners

When it comes to using Inbound Marketing as a SAP Partner, you'll find that you need other solutions aside from Hubspot to truly accomplish your goals.  It becomes overwhelming to decide among the over 8000 MARCOM solutions.  It can also become costly.  That's why one of our core competencies is helping you find suitable 'add-ons' for your marketing and sales stacks.  Hubspot already provides everything you need for Inbound Marketing and Sales.  But many clients also have requirements that require you to identify those 3rd party systems and integrate them into Hubspot and your wider IT landscape.  That's where our deep SAP expertise comes into play.  We've got this.

Inbound Marketing for Professional Services

SAP Professional Services refer to the vast portfolio of software solutions offered by SAP. However, customers often face difficulties in finding the right SAP Professional that suits their needs. As your SAP marketing consultant, we ensure that your potential customers find you. Our key activity is inbound marketing for professional services, which involves using advanced techniques to generate perfectly targeted leads based on your ideal buyer profile. We have been providing Certified Hubspot Inbound Marketing Consulting to SAP Partners for years and have developed unique sets of inbound marketing and sales capabilities and skillsets to help other SAP partners benefit from this methodology. By partnering with us, you can leverage all the valuable marketing content and value-selling tools available to you as an SAP Partner, and we can help set real, achievable revenue and growth goals for you. Our expertise in SAP and deep knowledge of third-party systems can help you integrate them into your wider IT landscape. Use our guide "SAP Partner Inbound Marketing" to start formulating a winning lead generation strategy that cannot be replicated by competitors.

Certified Hubspot Inbound Marketing Partner

A Hubspot Inbound Marketing Partner is a inbound certification that is achieved by mastering the advanced Inbound Marketing techniques required to generate perfectly targeted leads based on the ideal buyer profile. To achieve this status, inbound certified consultants must go through rigorous training and testing to demonstrate their expertise in the Hubspot Inbound Marketing methodology. It is mandatory for inbound consultants to maintain their certification by staying up to date with the latest trends and techniques in Inbound Marketing. This Inbound Certified Consultant status is valuable to SAP Partners in their marketing and sales activities as it provides them with a powerful marketing tool to differentiate their offerings in a crowded marketplace. By partnering with a Hubspot Inbound Marketing Partner, SAP partners can leverage the expertise of consultants who have a deep understanding of the SAP ecosystem and can help them generate more leads and customers. Additionally, Hubspot consulting partners can help you set real revenue and growth goals, then design and execute a plan that helps achieve them, which is critical to the success of SAP partners.

Inbound Marketing Methodology Upgraded for the SAP Partner Community 

SAP Partner Inbound Marketing Methodology

Use our guide "SAP Partner Inbound Marketing" to start to formulate a winning lead generation strategy which cannot be replicated by competitors.  Get your copy by completing the form.  We'll send you your copy immediately.  After you download it, don't forget to book your free inbound marketing consultation so we can work out your growth plan.

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