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SAP Partner Benchmarking Report

SAP Benchmark - You versus Your Competitors

SAP Partners must struggle constantly to achieve online success, ourselves included.  We've been doing SAP Demand Generation for 14 years using the Inbound Marketing methodology.  We constantly do a SAP Benchmark exercise against ourselves and our competitors.  It is highly dynamic, with scores often changing multiple times on the same day.

Quality Assurance for Your Lead Generation Efforts

As tiered Hubspot Marketing Partners, we also help SAP Partners with their lead generation efforts.  That's why we recently spent several hundred hours producing the first ever SAP Partner Website Ranking Benchmarking Report

In this Inbound Marketing Benchmark Report, you will:

  • Discover which SAP Partners have used our services
    Please note, while we included many SAP Partners in this SAP Benchmarking of websites exercise, we have well over 1,000 SAP Partners in our database, and would expect the results to be the same even if we included all of them.
    • We have included a range of SAP Partner Types:
      • SAP System Integrators
      • SAP Industry Solution Partners
      • SAP Service Partners
      • SAP Technology Partners
      • SAP HANA Application Development Partners
      • SAP Fiori Specialist
      • SAP MRO Specialized Partners
      • SAP Business Process Improvement Partners
      • SAP Hardware Partners
      • SAP Cloud Infrastructure Providers
      • SAP Technical Development Partners (Offshore)
  • Find out how your current website ranks (website ranking) as compared to all the other SAP Partners within the study.

  • Find out if there is a relationship between inbound links and your website's current performance - spoiler alert, there is.

We used real-time data from within Hubspot to produce this.  It is current as of Oct 10th, 2017, and changes daily, though over time, we do not see vast changes. 

Understanding Embedded Systems vs SAP HANA

Where do you rank? 

If you're not a SAP Partner, wouldn't you like to know how SAP Partners that sell themselves as digital experts actually do with their own digital marketing efforts? 

Digital Marketing Experts

After all, almost all claim to be experts with digital marketing and indeed, digital transformation Website rankings cannot be made up.  There may be several different purveyors of website rankings, i.e., Alexa (retired), SEOMoz, or even Google (which ranks every page), but our research revealed across website ranking systems, most tend to converge on similar rankings.  

Lead Generation is a Business Process

We treat lead generation using the Inbound Marketing Methodology, highly modified by us over the years based on extensive benchmarking and operational experience, as one of the most measurable and thus, improvable business processes within any business, including our own.

Inbound Marketing Based Lead Generation is Never One'n'Done

One of the surprising lessons learned from years of working with both SAP Partners and non-SAP businesses, is how many believe that you get 'done' with Inbound Marketing.  Inbound Marketing, though cheaper than outbound marketing according to Hubspot, is an on-going process, and should never be seen as static or done.  

Hubspot Marketing Hub is Our Lead Generation Operating System

Many elements go into developing a digital lead generation system.  We happen to use the Hubspot Marketing and Sales Suite to both generate leads, create deals and turn those deals into paying customers.  It's not random that we use both Hubspot and their Inbound Marketing methodology. 

The Inbound Marketing Methodology is Highly Recommended - By SAP

It was, in fact, recommended to us by the director of marketing of SAP MENA when we initiated our SAP partner practice, which was initially focused on strictly SAP BW and SAP IS-Retail.  We've generated thousands upon thousands of leads using this approach, as have our clients.

Hubspot Driven SEO

The challenge for ALL SAP Partners is proving they are experts.  That means delivering useful content, that has been designed with both the user (potential and existing SAP Customers) and with the search engines in mind.  In short, they must be thoroughly SEO'd, following the Google Webmaster guidelines.  Hubspot provides page-by-page SEO optimization recommendations, as well as constant feedback via Google Search Console, as to how you did.

Hubspot Does Not Create Nor Recommend Content

SAP partners have one advantage over most competitors.  SAP provides extensive free content to official SAP partners.  This is a significant or could be a significant competitive advantage, as long as it is used as part of a comprehensive, well-designed, marketing campaign.  That means you need to know what you're selling, have a sales team that knows how to sell it, and have a digital marketing and sales infrastructure all optimized around leveraging this valuable content.

Hubspot Partners Need SAP and Industry Specific Expertise

Even though SAP, through the SAP Agency program, provides a great deal of marketing content, SAP Partners frequently find they still need a Hubspot partner who is both a SAP expert and Hubspot expert.  Why though, do you need this particular combination of skills?  Because SAP has an Industry Go-To Market Strategy.  That means their competitive differentiation depends on their Industry Specific Solutions, of which there are at least 31, and many more available from SAP Partners.  In other words, SAP is much more than just a collection of business applications.  It is an entire solution, spanning technical solutions which have normally been highly configured and enhanced, to meet particular customer and industry needs.  That's the value proposition that your marketing must convey to your prospects.

Complex IT System Sales Still Require Deep Expertise

Of course, no matter what type of SAP partner you are, nor how well your website generates leads, most of your sales ultimately require a series of events, i.e., Discovery, Pre-Sales Demonstrations, Contract Negotiation, Deal Closure, and ultimately a Project Implementation.   As well, there are numerous technical issues that must be addressed during this process. For example, system sizing, which is driven by SAPS, or SAP Application Performance Benchmarks.  SAPS, ultimately, is derived from the Sales and Distribution (SD) benchmark, where 100 SAPS is defined as 2,000 fully business-processed order line items per hour.

Unique Lead Generation Service Offering

That's why our approach to SAP Partner lead generation is unique among all of the Hubspot Partner eco-system.  We've performed everyone of those complex steps, as well as mastered the art and science of digital lead generation.

Generate Enough Leads to Meet Your Annual Sales Targets

You may be wondering why you should worry about your SAP Partner Website Benchmark Results?  When you break it all down, it is about making sure you're going to be generating enough leads to meet your annual business plan sales targets.  By thoroughly understanding what you sell, how many people you will need to make those sales and how much of a delivery capability you will need to make those sales, you have almost everything you need for success.  

How Many Leads Required to Hit Your Sales Targets

Most companies, whether established or just starting up, eventually figure out how many leads they need to generate to hit a certain sales target.  Perhaps you just need one lead to make one sale.  But most likely, you need many leads, and they all take varying amounts of time to convert into sales.  Now you have a computable sales funnel conversion rate.  But unless you know how your website stacks up as lead generation machine, especially against your competitors, you can't really predict how you will do sales wise.  

SAP Partner Benchmark Report

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Working with Lonnie Ayers of SAP BW Consulting, Inc. has helped us grow our SAP practice to win large consulting engagements. Detering Consulting also became official SAP Partner and refined and perfected our Sales and Marketing approach. Lonnie has the rare combination of strong industry background, deep ERP, Marketing and Sales expertise combined with strong business acumen: I would recommend Lonnie in a heartbeat!

- Soren Detering, Founder, Detering Consulting