Make Sure Your Project Preparation Phase is a Success

SAP Project Management Tips for the ASAP Project Preparation Phase

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SAP Project Management Checklist
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SAP Projects Are Path Dependent

Success At The Finish Line Depends On How You Start

The project preparation phase is one of the least appreciated but most important phases of any SAP ASAP project, regardless of the ASAP flavor, whether it is a Rapid Deployment Solution (RDS) or Agile (SAFe), Activate or some blend of any of the these or other project flavors. 

During this phase you must:


SAP ASAP Project Preparation Phase

Learn the Key SAP Project Management Best Practices

During the SAP ASAP Project Preparation Phase, you will also want to review your signed Statement of Work (SOW) and or Scope document. This is also when you want to ensure there is a business case and that the customer is fully aware of and bought into the Customer Engagement Lifecycle approach to SAP Value Management.

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