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SAP ERP Implementation SOW

A SAP ERP Implementation Proposal is a major piece of complex work.  To create a winning proposal, you need a proven ERP RFP Template as well as people skilled in the area of bid proposal management.  

Your bid proposal team will need to have SAP Solution Experts available to develop a winning proposal, while your AEs (Account Executives) will need to manage the commercials, successfully.  

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Do You Need an ERP Implementation SOW Template

If you are an SAP Consultancy Account Executive, Agency Owner or Founder, you need to prepare winning proposals when responding ERP RFPs which usually are based on an ERP RFP Template.  That's why you need our proven ERP Implementation Proposal Template.  With it, you get:

  • An SOW template that covers the critical proposal elements
  • A proven commercially attractive template used to win both major and smaller projects globally
  • A fully editable template which you can add to or change as needed.

We've made it easy to win your next SAP ERP project with this SAP ERP Proposal Template.

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Designed for the Project Manager


In addition to providing a proven, winnable proposal template, this SAP ERP Implementation Proposal template is designed to provide a easily contract document which the SAP Project Manager can use to manage the project with. 


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