Learn How a Leading Footwear Designer Leveraged Hubspot for a Massive Increase in Sales.

How we combined Hubspot and Shopify for the Win!

Hubspot Shopify e-commerce Case Study

Selling in today's ultra competitive e-commerce landscape, even with a highly differentiated product, such as unique, custom designed shoes with a global fan base, requires much more than just putting your goods for sale online.  We were recently engaged to help Heyday Footwear to:

  • Improve their SEO rankings
  • Increase their conversion rates once a prospect landed on their site
  • Develop a strategy to sell in both the B2B and B2C space.
  • In  just 7 short months, sales are up dramatically, and the brand now enjoys a global presence.


In this Shopify Hubspot Case Study, we show you how we used Inbound Marketing, Amazon Fulfillment (FBA), e-commerce fueled by inbound marketing and other advanced retail strategies to dominate a niche market few have been able to crack.


Learn how Inbound Ecommerce was and is being done in this short case study.