Social Media Statistics

A Compilation of Useful Social Media Statistics

Statistic Source
62% of respondents do social media on top of other duties Hubspot Social Media Survey 2018
37% Work on teams of 5 or fewer Hubspot Social Media Survey 2018
25% Answering a complaint increases customer advocacy by as much as 25%
50% Not answering a complaint decreases customer advocacy by as much as 50%
40% Number of your customers who expect a response within 1 hour of posting it on their social media
2/3rds of Americans of now getting their news from Social Media sites PEW Research Center, 2017
67% Number of social media users who say staying in touch with family and friends is a major reason they use it. PEW Research Center, 2018
82% Percent of consumer IP traffic which will be video by 2021 CISCO
250,000,000 Number of people who view an Instagram story - per day Facebook
4X as many of Consumers who would watch a video about a product as read about it. Animoto
72% Percentage of people who trust content shared by 'average people' over content shared by brands Olapic
2X More engagements with tweets with hashtags than those without Linchpin SEO
55% more retweets with tweets with hashtags than those without Linchpin SEO
92% Number of people who trust recommendations from individuals over brands Nielsen's Global Global Trust in Advertising Survey, 2012
40% Number of millennials who use ad blockers eMarketer, 2017
3% Number of people who generate 90% of the impact online Traackr
76% Number of people who say purchases from past buyers influence their purchase decision YotPo
20% to 40% Percent of customers who are likely to spend more with a business after a successful social customer service experience Bain Bried - Putting Social Media to Work
12X Percentage increase in being retweeted if you ask for it. Buffer
23X more likely to be retweeted if you spell out "retweet" Buffer
47.7% Percentage increase interactions on Instagram post when using Emojis Quintily
7.5% vs 2.9% The amount of financial gain for companies that deliver social service vs the companies that don't Aberden Group
5.4% Increase in social buzz for companies that deliver social service Aberden Group
1$ vs 6$ The cost of social interaction vs the cost of a call center interaction Incite
84% Percent of consumers who expect a company to respond within 24 hours after they post on social media Altitude
72% Percentage of Twitter complainants who expect a response within an hour Hubspot
67% Percent of the buyer's journey which is considered digital Sirius Decisions
78% Percent of social sellers who outsell sellers who do not use social selling  LinkedIN
91% Percent of B2B buyers who are now active on social media IDC
84% Percentage of Senior Executives who use social media to support purchase decisions IDC
80% Percentage of web traffic that goes to the first page of Google's search results Hubspot Social Media Certification
50 Number of minutes the average Facebook spends on Facebook every day. Hubspot Social Media Certification
75-90% Percentage of your ad's performance attributed to the image used in the ad Hubspot Annual Report, 2015
43% Percentage of consumers who watch a video all the way through if they thought the content was relevant Hubspot Annual Report, 2015
25% Percentage of Facebook users who only access the platform on their mobile phone Hubspot Annual Report, 2015
60% Percentage of Instagram users who say the discover new brands they're interested through Instagram Hubspot Annual Report, 2015
94% Percentage of Twitter users who say they plan on making a purchase(s) from a business(s) they follow on Twitter Hubspot Annual Report, 2015
200,000,000 Number of active users on Pinterest Hubspot Social Media Certification
2,000,000,000 + Number of active users on Facebook Hubspot Social Media Certification
61% Number of Pinterest Users who said they discovered a new product or brand through a Pinterest Ad Hubspot Annual Report, 2015
73% Number of Pinterest Users who said promoted content on the platform made Pinterest more useful Hubspot Annual Report, 2015
100% of young people watch more video on Youtube than on network television Hubspot Social Media Certification
40,000 Number of Searches conducted on Google every second Hubspot Social Media Certification
5-20 Number of keywords Google suggest you target per ad group for optimal results Google
46% Percentage of B2B marketers who are not sure any social media channel has generated sales for their business Webbiquity
2.5X Revenue growth by highly engaged employees vs those who were not engaged Hay Group
63% Percentage of customers who value a Technical Experts Opinion as highly credible Edelman Trust Barometer 2018

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