Welcome to the Inbound Marketing Self-Assessment tool!

Our online IMA Assessment calculator is a Standardized Questionnaire shared across all Hubspot Partner Marketing Agencies. The assessment looks at your current marketing and sales practices and provides you with a Grade based on a 0 to 100% scale of how well you are doing. Your Grade is a diagnostic indicator of the marketing and sales areas you need to improve based on Hubspot recommended Best Practices.

As someone with an interest in improving your digital marketing and online sales performance or as someone interested in benchmarking yourself against your competitors, we wanted to introduce you to our new online calculator. The IMA Assessment calculator is a Self-Help Do-It-Yourself inbound marketing analysis and sales effectiveness grading tool that you take by yourself by answering a few simple "Yes" or "No" questions.

The IMA Calculator

Our previous calculator, the Website Traffic and Leads Needed Marketing Calculator, looks at your historical performance and tells you how many website Visits, Contacts and Customers you need from your website marketing and sales efforts in order to hit your Revenue Target.

The IMA Calculator works well out-of-the-box with your Hubspot Dashboard Metrics or your wordpress Google Analytics.

Using the results from the IMA Calculator in conjunction with your historical conversion rates (Leads, Contacts and Customer close rates) as well as your content performance rates (i.e. average blog and landing page read rates) the IMA calculator results helps you plan out your forward looking content plan and strategy.

The IMA Calculator is a great goal setting and content planning tool.

About the Inbound Marketing Assessment

Welcome to the Inbound Marketing Self-Assessment tool!

Our Inbound Marketing Assessment test will ask you a series of 49 standardized "yes" or "no" questions that are shared across all Hubspot Agency Partners who conduct inbound marketing assessments. You can use the score as a base line of how well you are currently performing, as a planning input, or to measure how well your marketing improves over time.

The total maximum score possible is 100% meaning you are doing everything right per Hubspot best practices.

The 49 questions are broken into 4 separate sections with each section covering a different part of the 4-step inbound marketing methodology of:

  • Attract
  • Convert
  • Close 
  • Delight 

as shown in the graphic above and on each page of the questionnaire.

Normally this assessment is conducted one-on-one with a Hubspot Partner Consultant; however, not everyone is able to schedule the time required to sit with a live person so we decided to use the Hubspot platform to automate the IMA Assessment questionnaire as a do-it-yourself, self-help tool so that you can proceed at your own pace.

Our company is the only Marketing Agency who has fully automated this standardized assessment and put it online.

Feel free to comeback and run our tools as often as you like to see how well your marketing and sales efforts improve over time.


Marketing Assessment & Sales Assessment Grader

Questionnaire Section 1

In Section 1 (Attract Stage), we ask you 15 questions designed to measure the effectiveness of your current:

  • Website Content Plan and Strategy
  • Website Traffic and Page Ranking Performance
  • Social Media Engagement
  • SEO and Long Tail Keyword Usage and Strategy

Questionnaire Section 2

In Section 2 (Convert Stage), we ask you 9 questions designed to measure the effectiveness of your current:

  • Website Content Plan and Strategy
  • Website Landing Pages, Forms and Offers
  • Calls-to-Action
  • Conversions due to:
    • Organic Search
    • Social Media Reach
    • Blogging
    • Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Advertising

Questionnaire Section 3

In Section 3 (Close Stage), we ask you 12 questions designed to measure the effectiveness of your current:

  • Do you have a Sales Process or Sales Method
  • Leads to Customer Conversion Rate
  • Customer Segmentation
  • Use of Lead and Customer Analytics
  • Ideal Customer and Buyer Persona
  • Pipeline Metrics and SLA Quotas
  • Use of Social Media to Facilitate Sales

Questionnaire Section 4

In Section 4 (Delight Stage), we ask you 12 questions designed to measure the effectiveness of your current:

  • Continuous Improvement
  • Traffic Sources
  • Marketing Campaigns
  • Social Media Followers and Online Engagement via
    • LinkedIn
    • Facebook
    • Twitter
    • Youtube
  • Comments, Links and Page views

About the Results

We have conducted dozens of standardized Hubspot Inbound Marketing Assessments over the years and have found that having the answers to these assessment questions up-front before an engagement begins is absolutely critical to the success of any subsequent digital marketing project.

Our standardized self-assessment tool is used by all Hubspot Certified Agencies across the board so you will get the same assessment results no matter how you decide to conduct the assessment whether as a one-on-one consultation or conducted online with us; however we are the first and only Marketing Agency to automate it as a Free online do-it-yourself tool and of course you can still get a one-on-one consultation with a member of our staff if you like.

  • The Website Traffic and Leads Needed Marketing Calculator told you how many website Visits, Contacts and Customers are needed to realize specific Revenue Targets due to your website marketing and sales efforts.
  • Now our longer 49-point questionnaire takes you through a deeper more in-depth look at different aspects of your overall digital and social media marketing efforts again fully automated so you can run it as often as you like to see how your scores and marketing efforts are improving over time.
  • The final result is a best practices benchmark summary Grade of your overall marketing effort as well as an answer summary snapshot.
  • As you improve or change different aspects of your marketing game plan, feel free to come back here and re-run the tool again to see how your benchmark score has improved or changed.

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