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Do you want to benchmark yourself against your competitors. Would you like to know how your digital marketing stacks up? You can find out with our FREE Online Inbound Marketing Assessment (IMA) Calculator. This digital marketing assessment uses a Standardized Questionnaire used by all Hubspot Partner Marketing Agencies. It is based on the proven Hubspot Inbound Marketing Methodology.
Inbound Marketing Methodology Stages

Professional Grade Diagnostic Tool

Grade your marketing and sales practices with this FREE inbound assessment tool. It provides you with a Marketing Grade based on a 0 to 100% scale of how well you are doing. This grade is a diagnostic indicator of marketing and sales areas you need to improve. It uses Hubspot recommended Best Practices validated by us across many, many of our Inbound Marketing and Sales Customers.  It helps you to dig in to each of the stages of inbound marketing to truly understand where you stand and to help you create an improvement plan.

Free Inbound Marketing Assessment

It is a free digital marketing assessment test. It has been designed as both a Do-it-Yourself tool and as well, we can help you work through the questions if needed.  You answer 49 digital marketing assessment questions online. The IMA Assessment calculator grades your answer.  You get your Inbound Marketing Assessment Results immediately upon completing the test.  Once you have completed the marketing assessment questions and received your marketing grade, you'll receive an invitation from one of our knowledgeable inbound marketers to a free inbound marketing assessment call, where we go over your results.  Like all assessments, they are more valuable when you have an expert help you interpret them.

The IMA Calculator

The IMA Calculator is a great goal setting and content planning tool.
The IMA Calculator provides value out-of-the-box. It works with your Hubspot All-in-One Marketing Software Dashboard Metrics. It works with your Wordpress site as well. Google Analytics also works with it.

Content Marketing Assessment Tool

Need to develop a content strategy? The IMA Calculator can help you. Combine your historical conversion rates (Leads, Contacts and Customer Close Rates). Then combine with your content performance rates (i.e., average blog and landing page read rates). Use this data to produce your content plan.

Taking the Inbound Marketing Assessment


Welcome to the Inbound Marketing Self-Assessment tool!

Your Inbound Marketing Assessment consist of 49 "yes" or "no" inbound marketing assessment questions. Each question represents an key element from one or more of the Inbound Marketing Stages which comprise the proven Hubspot Inbound Marketing Methodology.  All Hubspot Agency Partners use these questions as part of their Hubspot Inbound Marketing Test and Evaluation Process to see if you, the potential client are a good fit for the Hubspot Inbound Methodology. By standardizing the marketing assessment questions and answers, we can learn from each other and our customers. Your baseline score will tell you how well you're currently performing. You can use your score to plan and measure your marketing performance over time.

There is No Failing Score

The greatest score possible is 100%. A 100% means you're doing everything right per Hubspot best practices. Anything below 100% indicates areas you can work on.

The IMA Structured Tool

The are 49 questions divided into 4 separate sections. Each section covers a different stage of the 4-step inbound marketing methodology:
  • Attract
  • Convert
  • Close 
  • Delight 
as shown in the graphic above and on each page of the questionnaire.
This assessment can be conducted one-on-one with a Hubspot Partner Consultant or you can take it in 'Self-Serve' mode. After all, not everyone is able to schedule the time required to sit with a live person.  This is why we decided to use the Hubspot platform to automate the IMA Assessment. Our questionnaire is a do-it-yourself, self-help marketing assessment tool that you can use at your own pace.
Our company is the only Marketing Agency who has automated this standardized assessment. We are the first to put it online.
Feel free to comeback and run this and our other marketing assessment tools as often as you like. Use it see how well your marketing and sales efforts improve over time.


Marketing Assessment & Sales Assessment Grader

Questionnaire Section 1

In Section 1 (Attract Stage), we ask you 15 questions designed to measure the effectiveness of your current:
  • Website Content Plan and Strategy
  • Website Traffic and Page Ranking Performance
  • Social Media Engagement
  • SEO and Long Tail Keyword Usage and Strategy

Questionnaire Section 2

In Section 2 (Convert Stage), we ask you 9 questions designed to measure the effectiveness of your current:
  • Website Content Plan and Strategy
  • Website Landing Pages, Forms and Offers
  • Calls-to-Action
  • Conversions due to:
    • Organic Search
    • Social Media Reach
    • Blogging
    • Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Advertising

Questionnaire Section 3

In Section 3 (Close Stage), we ask you 12 questions designed to measure the effectiveness of your current:
  • Sales Process or Sales Method
  • Leads to Customer Conversion Rate
  • Customer Segmentation
  • Use of Lead and Customer Analytics
  • Ideal Customer and Buyer Persona
  • Pipeline Metrics and SLA Quotas
  • Use of Social Media to Help Sales

Questionnaire Section 4

In Section 4 (Delight Stage), we ask you 12 questions designed to measure the effectiveness of your current:
  • Continuous Improvement Efforts
  • Traffic Sources
  • Social Media Followers and Online Engagement via:
    • Facebook
    • Twitter
    • Youtube
  • Comments, Links and Page views

About the Results of Your Sales and Market Assessment

We have conducted dozens of standardized Hubspot Inbound Marketing Assessments over the years. Achieving success with your next digital marketing project depends on understanding the results of your digital marketing and sales assessment. You must know the assessment question answers before beginning your Inbound Marketing project.

 Standardized Marketing and Sales Assessments

You will get the same assessment results no matter how you run the assessment. This is because our custom tool uses standardized questions. All Hubspot Partner Certified Agencies use them, but they have not automated it yet. You can also get a FREE one-on-one assessment with a member of our staff if you like.

What the IMA and Related Tools (SLA Calculator) Can Tell You

  • Discover how much Website Traffic you need with our SLA Calculator. You can find out how many leads marketing needs to generate to hit your contact numbers. You see how many contacts you need to generate the customer number targets. In short, you develop a metric driven a Sales Funnel.
  • Take an in-depth look at different aspects of your digital and social media marketing. Our 49-point questionnaire helps you take a deep dive. You do this using an automated online FREE tool - the IMA.
  • Receive a Best Practices Benchmark Summary Grade of your complete marketing effort. You also get intermediate summary snapshot grades.
  • Change and test different aspects of your marketing game plan. When you do, come back here to re-run the tool again. You can see how your benchmark score has improved or changed.

  • Learn where to focus your Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) Efforts.  CRO can be one of your highest ROI activities - if you know how and where to do it.

  • Use these results to drive digital transformation.    
Start your free automated Inbound Marketing Assessment by clicking the button. In 15 minutes or less, you will have your grade. We will also send you a complete customized summary by Email.

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