wricef inventory tracking template

Track Your WRICEF Items and Control Development Cost

Get Control and Visibility of Your RICEFW

Whether you are doing a small SAP project or an enormous global SAP project that includes not only core SAP modules, such as SAP FICO,  but advanced tools like SAP BPC or SAP EH&S, you will have a long list of SAP WRICEF developments you need to track. 

What is RICEF in SAP?

We recommend you keep a complete inventory of every single RICEF-W (or WRICEF, (Workflow, Report, Conversions, Enhancements, Forms)) required.  By completing the form on the right and downloading our WRICEF  inventory tracking spreadsheet, you will have a tool which allows you to plan, track and control your development efforts.

WRICEF Inventory List


  • Our WRICEF Inventory Tracking sheet will help you efficiently inventory all your development efforts.
  • You can use this WRICEF inventory to help you estimate your WRICEF development cost.
  • Each WRICEF can then be integrated into the overall project plan
  • Discover how powerful it is to know the totality of your needed development efforts.

This highly effective yet simple WRICEF inventory and development checklist is one of the key tools needed to effectively manage all WRICEF efforts.