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The Single Most Important Thing You Can Do In Marketing Is Talk To And Know Your Customer

Buyer Persona Development Kit

Target Your Perfect Customer

We all fantasize about what our dream vacation or perfect house would be one day, just as a business owner does about owning a successful business.

However, one of the many ways a business owner can achieve success is by mapping out their own ideal target customer and actually targeting them.


All this can be accomplished by developing your buyers persona.

Here at SAP BW Consulting, we have experience in creating buyer personas for our own business as well as many customers, and have found it essential for successful sales and marketing.

Based on our knowledge, we have developed a unique buyers persona mindmap that can help guide you in creating your very own buyers persona.  What are you likely to learn by completing this exercise:

  • In complex sales, following the Account Based Marketing or ABM approach, you may not actually know everybody involved in the buying process
  • Your buyers have a Job to be Done (JTBD) which you may not be aware of unless and until you observe your customers 'in the wild'.
  • When developing educational marketing content, your buyers are looking for both simple, yet comprehensive and precise educational material.  That is why 'How to' videos on YouTube are so popular.  
  • You are likely to uncover many unmet needs and pain points by observing your customers directly as well as by using survey tools, such as Survey Monkey, Hotjar and Google Surveys
  • User ratings, such as those Amazon collects, must be read to uncover the 'Golden Nuggets' buried within.
  • In many cases, you will find that you're extremely difficult to buy from.  This is almost ALWAYS because you have failed to engineer and perfect your Sales Process.
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Our Buyers Persona Template Kit Includes:

  • Buyers Persona Interactive MindMap Powerpoint to guide you through elements of developing you buyers persona.

  • Two Buyers Persona Personal Worksheets to start you off in creating your ideal customer profile.  These free buyer persona templates have been battle tested in virtually every kind of industry.  They work equally as well for B2C as they do for B2B.

  • YouTube video showcasing the buyers persona mindmap process through video.

  • Each free buyer persona template can be used to develop multiple buyer personas.  They are ideal for developing your Inbound Marketing Personas.

Importance of Creating Actionable Customer Personas

To achieve success in business, it's essential to know and understand your target audience. This is where an actionable customer persona comes into play. At its core, an actionable customer persona is a detailed profile of your ideal customer that includes their demographics, behaviors, and motivations. It is an insightful customer persona because it also involves multiple customer interviews.  By creating this persona, you can tailor your marketing efforts to better resonate with your target audience and drive sales. An example of a characteristic of an actionable customer persona would be identifying their pain points and needs. Knowing what challenges your customer faces and how your product or service can solve them is crucial in creating effective marketing campaigns. 

B2B Buyer Persona vs Ecommerce Customer Persona

To build a thriving business, it's crucial to truly understand your target audience. And that's where buyer personas come in. At SAP BW Consulting, we've developed a one-of-a-kind buyers persona mindmap that can help you create your own persona. Our free kit comes with an interactive mindmap PowerPoint to guide you through the process, as well as two personal worksheets to jumpstart your ideal customer profile. These templates have been tested across a wide range of industries and work equally well for B2B and ecommerce customer personas. While there are differences between the two, our kit can help you create actionable customer personas for either type of buyer.   You can use them to interview customers during your buyer persona development process.  With an actionable customer persona in hand, you can precisely tailor your marketing efforts to your target audience and drive sales among different customer personas. Download our Buyers Persona Kit today and turn your dream customer base into a reality.

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