SAP REFX Requirements guide

Get the SAP REFX Guide to Real Estate Management Functionality

Download our Guide to SAP Integrated Real Estate functionality.  You will get a clear idea of what areas you need to consider when formulating your Real Estate RFP and what questions to ask.

SAP REFX Value CaseTypical Benefits Available from an SAP RE-FX Implementation

  • Our Guide will cover:
    • Real Property & Lease Management
    • Space Management
    • Furniture & Equipment Management
    • Project & Portfolio Management
    • Strategic Master Planning
    • Capital Budgeting Management
    • Overlay with Design Management for AutoCAD and Revit
    • Hoteling Applications

This is a real guide from a real project.  It will help you formulate your requirements and ensure you don't miss any key requirements.  Complete the form to get your copy.