Upgrading Your BW System?

Are you using a SAP BW system, such as 3.X, that is just about out of SAP Support?  If so, you are not alone, as according to a recent SAP Benchmarking Survey conducted jointly with ASUG, the majority of SAP BW users are still on SAP BW 3.X or below!  Do you need the new functionality of the Business Intelligence 7.X? 

  • Are you suffering from performance issues common to virtually all 3.X systems?
  • Do you need to easily integrate with xCelsius Dashboards
  • Do you need real Real-Time Data for a Webi Dashboard
  • These and many other capabilities are solve by SAP BW 7.X
  • Read our Top 10 Tips for Upgrading to help you throughout the process!
  • Learn how to manage this very complex, yet critical process.

We have experience upgrading SAP BW from 3.X to BI 7.X in the most complex of environments.  Let us show you the way to avoid the common pitfalls.

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