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In order to help you improve SAP Business Warehouse and SAP Business Objects consultant productivity, we are offering a 2 to 4 hour remote evaluation of your current SAP BW naming conventions.

We deliver atomic level granularity to your BW Naming Convention Strategy

SAP BW Naming Conventions


  • Our SAP BW consultants will remotely access your system and do a quick system scan of your existing SAP BW system.

  • We will then put together a proposal to completely upgrade your SAP BW system naming conventions using our proven, unique tools, techniques and SAP BW Implementation Best Practices.

  • We will not make any changes to your system but will need to work closely with your SAP BASIS team to carry this valuable evaluation task out successfully. 

  • Due to the limited availability of our Senior SAP BW Consultants, we urge you to book early.
" If you don't have a BW Naming Convention, you're wasting client time and money. "Doug Ayers, P.E."