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SAP BW Project Charter

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Project Charter Template
Developed and proven by a PMP, use our Project Charter Template to get your SAP project started right.  This SAP Project Charter will work for both standard SAP ASAP and SAP Activate type projects.  

Tap the Power of a Project Charter

Without a Project Charter, You Don't Have a Project

Do you know you need a project charter before you have an "official" project, according to the Project Management Institute?  We have developed a SAP BW Project Charter template to help you get started.


Project Charter

Don't Miss a Thing on Your Project Charter!


Our SAP BW Template for Project Charter will help you define your project's scope, including:

  •     Technical
  •     Functional
  •     Organizational
  •     Business Case
  • Learn to under-promise and over-deliver

Our SAP BW Project Charter Template covers all the bases, so you won't get half way through your project and realize you missed something critical.



Download the Project Charter Template Here


Developed By A PMP

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