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On-Demand SAP Remote Functional Consulting

For many SAP Customers, the high-cost of SAP functional consulting services lacked the quality and scalability they needed.  That is why we deployed a unique SAP remote functional consulting service offering combined with a unique 'Roll-Over Minutes' type subscription models.


If you Don't Use it, You Don't Lose It!

We combine flat rate service billing plans with the roll-over model.  Why?  Because your projects are not always exactly the same duration from one month to the next.  


Do You Have an Application Management Solution?


Known as AMS, many companies are looking for ways to simplify their internal operations while still delivering an high level of customer support.  Sometimes, you just need a password reset.  Othertimes, you need to update very specfic parts of your system.  For example, a SAP IS-Retail solution user may need to develop new logistics unit sizes to update their Master Data with.  You don't need someone around all the time to do this, you need someone to perform some spot consulting.

Flat Monthly Billing Combined with Rollover Subscription Minutes


Your CFO will love this - steady billing with no waste of unused hours.  That is SAP made simple.  


Our On-Demand Remote SAP Subscription Services model combines the familiar Rollover Minutes with Monthly Billing, much your like mobile phone contract.  This means you can 'bank' SAP Consulting Service hours from one month to the next.  

That allows us to maintain a team of highly skilled SAP consultants in core SAP Functional and Technical modules, like SAP FICO, SAP MM, SAP SD and ABAP, to name a few, who you can call on to implement new business functionality as and when it makes the most sense for your business requirements.