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SAP ASAP Project Reviews

SAP Project Review and Advisory Service


SAP Projects are, by their nature, complex undertakings.  There are multiple flavors of SAP ASAP and Activate Implementation Methodologies.  Our SAP Project Review and Implementation advisory service is designed to help keep your project on track.  

When Should You Seek SAP Project Advisory Services?

  • Prior to signing your implementation contract
  • During project implementation
  • Post Go-Live

How SAP Professional Services Solutions Help You Increase Profits

What Should You Look for in SAP Project Management Advisory Service Providers?

As it happens, SAP itself actually provides guidance here. 


You should look for:


  • Formally Certified SAP Project Managers, who hold both the PMP designation and the SAP ASAP Certification

  • Advisors who have previously conducted SAP Project Reviews on behalf of both customers, SAP partners and SAP itself

  • SAP Solution Experts who also have a broad and deep network of SAP expertise to call upon.

Whether your SAP program is currently on track, just getting started, or needs some help, we offer project advisory services and consulting expertise that can you help get the most out of your project.

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