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Change Request Template

SAP Project Change Request Template


Project Manager Change Control Process

Whether you're running an SAP project or any other project, you will invariably need to establish formal project change management process, which will require a change request template.  Why do you need change requests template:

  • Provides a common framework for identifying, evaluating and managing project changes.
  • Well run projects use proven change management templates.
  • Is part of a consistent change management process.
  • When used in conjunction with our Change Request. Tracking Template, provides a single source of the truth with regards to what was changed, by whom, and why.

Preventing Scope Creep is Paramount

Remember, if you're on a fixed price, fixed scope project, you're in a challenging situation.  You need a way to track any changes that reflect new knowledge about your project.  You need to have and use change request forms.  You need a strong change management process which has been used and improved on thousands of other projects.

Why Does Change Occur?

It is very often the case that new requirements are discovered during your project blueprint or design phase.  In order for you to get and keep user buy-in, they will need to have a voice in any changes, whether approved or not approved.  

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To help you establish and manage change request, we're providing you with our free Change Request Template, which you can use as is or adapt to your needs as required.

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