Explore Inbound Marketing Benchmark Lessons from 7,000 Businesses

Think Your Business Isn't A Good Fit For Inbound Marketing?

You Might Just Be Surprised.

Did you know that businesses with 301 to 1,000 Twitter Followers had over 5 times more traffic than those with 1 to 25 followers? Have you heard about inbound marketing but are still unsure how it can be of any use to you? Today is your lucky day because this e-book presents the results of data collected from 7,000 businesses that indicates how inbound marketing can be an effective way to handle your marketing initiatives. 

The e-book will:

  • Present analysis of how inbound marketing can generate traffic volume and new leads

  • Provide detailed graphs and statistics on blogging, landing pages, website pages, Facebook and Twitter reach. 

Whether it is a new concept or old news for you, the marketing benchmarks presented in the collected data, based on thousands of businesses, will show you how much success you can attain with inbound marketing. 


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