SAP Data Conversion Template

Migrate Your Legacy Data With Ease With Our SAP Data Conversion Template

Data Migration Doesn't Have To Be Hard

When You Use The SAP Data Migration Approach


When configuring the SAP implementation process, the act of transferring data from your old system to your new SAP system is an elaborate procedure. SAP BW Consulting has created a detailed template to help you navigate this intricate data conversion and migration process.

It will provide:

  • A structured guide for an effective data transfer to your new SAP system

  • Translation of technical requirements for the data migration team

  • A template you can reuse for any future SAP Implementation projects


The transition from an old legacy system to a new SAP system doesn't have to be complicated.

Download our unique Data Conversion Template to help you and your data migration team get started off on the right foot.

SAP Data Migration Template

We also offer a complete 'Done For You' SAP Data Migration Service.