Determine Your SAP Flexible Real Estate Scope Master Data Requirements

Step 1

SAP REFX Scoping Tool

Please answer the following 7 Master Data questions. We want to evaluate the degree of knowledge of, understanding, maintenance and control you have over all:

  • Parcels of land
  • Land rights
  • Buildings
  • Information
  • Contracts
  • Leases or responsibilities that you have, own, operate, lease, manage for yourself, for your business or for clients?

Answer, as best as you can, so that we can make an initial determination as to which portions of the overall REFX Solution Map is right for your organization. An automated REFX Solution Map recommendation will be provided at the end, customized to fit your specific situation depending on how you answer each question.


Solving Real Estate Management challenges today

Real Estate Developers and Property Managers suffer many issues:

  • Do you lack one consistent information source for all real estate information accessible by the entire organization?
  • Do you use Spreadsheets for tracking critical real estate holdings?
  • Do you have the right properties in the right locations?
  • Do you wonder where will invested capital recognize the highest ROI?
  • Do you know what opportunities exist right now and in the near future?
  • Are your Spreadsheets Labor Intensive and Time consuming to generate and assemble into a package that gives Senior Management complete visibility of the portfolio?
  • Are you experiencing project pressure to complete on time and on budget?
  • Are you struggling to overcome the challenges of inefficient use and scheduling of resources, lack of communication and collaboration with subs, and falling short of forecasted yields?
  • Do you lack of access to up to date real estate data?
  • Do you make slow progress and suffer lengthy workflow response times?
  • Ever experienced inaccurate budgeting, forecasting, reporting, tax payments, obligations, fines or lost income because you did not know you owned a particular property?
  • How's your tenant retention rate holding up?
  • Is lease administration reactive or very labor and energy intensive?
  • Do you feel Overloaded?