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SAP Modules
This is a top level view of the SAP ERP system

What a CEO Needs to Know

As Well as the CIO, CFO, CMO and EVPs

Did you know the most common question CEO's have about SAP is "what does it do"?  More specifically, they want to know what SAP modules are in the SAP system.

  • Download our SAP ERP Mindmap to easily explore all SAP Modules
  • You could spend up to 2 years just learning the core modules within the SAP suite.
  • But you would still need to learn about some of the other 1,300+ solutions SAP offers, such as SAP BPC, SAP SCM, SAP IBP, SAP REFX and a whole host of other solutions.

5 Surprising Reasons Enterprises Don’t Use An ERP

Use our interactive SAP ERP Mindmap to quickly discover what SAP modules are available and decide which ones are right for your business scenario.

Download our SAP ERP MindMap