How Much Are Your Digital Leads Worth?

Do You Know Your Lead Value?

Don't leave value behind.

Do you know that many companies have no clear idea of how much a lead is actually worth to them.   In order for you to make smart marketing decisions, and to have the full backing of your sales team, you need an easy yet highly engineered way to assign a value to your leads.  

Lead Value Calculator

Do You Know How Much Each Lead Is Worth To Your Bottom Line?


That is what our Lead Value Calculator does.



  • Allows you to assign a value to a lead
  • Allows you to predict with a high degree of certainty, how much you will eventually make from your pipeline
  • Tells you where you need to spend more on marketing efforts.


This calculator is based on work done by a former MIT engineer who helped build a sales machine that went from $0 to $100,000,000.00 a year in revenue in an extremely short period of time.