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3 Tips You Should Follow to Hire a Top SAP Consultant You Can Rely On

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How To Hire Top SAP Consultants

When it comes to choosing software solutions that improve workflow and increase the bottom line, most business professionals prefer a software solutions expert, like an SAP consultant.


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While some software solutions can be implemented relatively easily, to get a comprehensive SAP solution that works efficiently, you need to know how to hire the right SAP consultant.

It can be daunting to choose an SAP consultant, though, and some businesses aren’t sure how to start choosing the right one. Fortunately, like hiring any expert, there are ways you can narrow down the field of potential candidates.

How an SAP Consultant Can Help Your Business Grow

Every business uses technology to perform certain aspects of its processes and procedures, and software is one of the most efficient ways to use technology to help your business grow. However, it can be difficult figuring out which software to choose and you often need to hire a software consultant to help you out.

An SAP consultant – that is, a Systems Applications and Products consultant – is a professional with expertise in software solutions. Generally, SAP consultants will fall into one of two categories:

  • Functional: This encompasses SAP consultants who work with software solutions in the operations or finance departments.

  • Technical: Technical SAP consultants have more expertise in skills like programming and software development.

In addition to helping your business choose the right software, SAP consultants know how to make systems work together. When your business needs customer relationship management software –also known as a CRM – that integrates seamlessly with your supply chain management software (SCM), an SAP CRM consultant working with your SAP APO consultant, can handle installation, integration, and training on both.

SAP consultants can go even further with your systems by putting together a solution that handles everything from employee payroll needs to production records with reporting insight.

What to Expect from a Top SAP Consultant

While the term “SAP consultant” is relatively broad and encompasses a lot of different functions of the role, there are standard responsibilities of top SAP consultants that your business can rely on.


Before you start looking for the right consultant for your business, you want to have a solid understanding of what to expect from a top SAP consultant and to understand the role of sap consultants. The primary duties and responsibilities of an SAP consultant are:

  • Design and implementation of SAP Solutions: Every SAP solution is unique, and a qualified SAP business consultant will address your business needs and limitations, as well as take into account best practices for your industry.

  • Constant Focus on improving the SAP Solution: A reputable SAP consultant will address any issues that come up as a result of the current SAP solution and provide actionable ways to address the problems you are experiencing.  They are always willing to give you a simple SAP consult.

  • Responsible Management of SAP Personnel: Though some consultants work independently, an SAP consultant may be responsible for delegating tasks to other personnel that they have vetted for your specific project as part of their SAP consultant duties.

You want to choose hire SAP experts that embrace their SAP consultant responsibilities to your business – a consultant that derives success from your continued success.

3 Tips for Choosing a Top SAP Consultant

Choosing and hiring the best SAP consultant for your business is critical – the right consultant will address all of your needs while proactively working to eliminate potential problems.

1. Create a List of Your SAP Solution Needs

To get the most out of an SAP consultant, you want to start with a list of all the ways software could improve your company’s policies and procedures. Don’t just think about concrete ideas like the actual software package. Consider abstract ways software can grow your business:

  • How software can reduce redundancy and entry errors

  • How a software solution can eliminate the need for paperwork

  • How an SAP consultant can make employees more efficient

  • How software solutions can improve customer satisfaction

A qualified consultant will be able to take your abstract requests and turn them into workable solutions that make sense for your business. In fact, abstract requests may even be easier to work with than just being told that a business needs a CRM system.

2. Research Qualified SAP Consultants

Once you have an idea of how you want to approach software solutions in your business, you’ll want to begin researching SAP consultants that are experts in your industry or solution needs. You’re looking for consultants that meet these standards:

● Have the ability to network with other SAP and software consultants

● Have a transparent approach to their sales and marketing efforts

● Have a thorough value discovery process with smart implementation strategies

● Have a willingness to share their knowledge and expertise

Depending on your industry needs, you may be looking for a local SAP consultant or you may be interested in a virtual SAP consultant. Consider this when researching candidates – you don’t want to burden yourself with trying to force a professional relationship to work.

3. Perform a Thorough Review of Each Consultant’s Portfolio

After you’ve put together a list of potential SAP consultants, you want to do a deep dive into their portfolio. If you skip this step, you really have no idea what value you’re getting from an SAP consultant. Common ways to review an SAP consultant’s portfolio include:

  • Finding them on social media platforms like LinkedIn

  • Reading real case studies provided by the SAP consultant

  • Looking for testimonials and thought leadership in the industry

  • Searching for any indication that they contribute to the common good

A reputable SAP consultant will be able to point you to the software solutions they’ve implemented. They may even be able to provide client references, as well as point you to any promotional work they’ve done.

Why Your Business Needs to Hire a Top SAP Consultant Today

If your business is looking to streamline its processes and procedures, or upgrade your existing systems, there is no better time to start than today. An SAP consultant can help you figure out what processes are essential to your organization, design a software solution that enhances your procedures, and implement a strategy for continuous improvement of the solution.

Your business can see improved workflow efficiency, increased employee satisfaction, and potentially even a reduction in costs if you’re using a number of disparate systems. An SAP consultant is your path to success.


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