SAP Reporting Strategy Development

On-Target Enterprise Reporting Strategies

What is Your Stragey?
Constant course correction is required to get your Reporting Strategy zero'd in! Creating a reporting strategy doesn't have to be hard.  

Do you have a SAP Reporting Strategy?

Most companies do not!

When designing your enterprise reporting strategy, especially if you use SAP BW, you should know there are more than 6000 standard reports just in the SAP ERP system.

There are many, many SAP BW Standard Reports as well, when you count the standard delivered business content.   To further complicate the critical task of developing a reporting strategy,  there are also a nearly infinite number of potential queries available via the SAP BW system.   

You also have all the possibilities of creating interactive executive dashboards with SAP BusinessObjects.  That's why you need a clearly defined strategy  for defining Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).  To ensure the right information is in the right hands at the right time in the right format.

  • We recommend you start developing your reporting strategy by performing  a KPI sweep - you can download our KPI Sweep Tutorial, which will show you how to proceed!

  • Defining the Reporting Strategy can be a one-time exercise or a series of efforts spread over time.

  • Your Reporting Strategy will require frequent updating to remain relevant and drive further value.

We have developed comprehensive enterprise-wide reporting strategies for Fortune 500 companies!  Why not let us help you develop yours.


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