Use Our Free Online BMI Calculator to Find Out How Much You Should You Weigh

If You're a SAP Road Warrior

Or Maybe Just a Road Warrior:)

It's Time To Get The Facts and Get in Shape

Start by Calculating BMI or Your Body Mass Index.

When you're on the road, it is easy to pile on the road warrior pounds.  Want to know how much you should weigh?  Use our Consulting Road Warrior BMI online calculator to find out and perform a BMI check.

What is a Healthy BMI for Men or Women

Every Person is Different and Their BMI is Unique

This is both a women's BMI calculator and men's Body Mass Index calculator (BMI).  The BMI, however, isn't something you can find on a scale, at least not without doing some mental calculations, which, if you just stepped out of the shower, might not be a great thing to be trying to do.  Therefore, SAP BW Consulting, Inc. (the datawarehouse specialist), BMI calculator will tell you:

  • What your BMI Index number is.
  • What your ideal weight is
  • Months it will take you to lose the weight (if you follow a healthy diet)
  • The pounds you need to lose per month
  • The maximum pounds you need to lose
  • And it will provide you this information in both Imperial (pounds) and Metric (Kilograms)

Please keep in mind that a healthy BMI range for one person may not be exactly the same for another person of the same age, height and sex.  You should consult your doctor before embarking on any diet.