5 Web Marketing Hacks: A Cheat Sheet for Small Businesses

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Being the little guy in the business world isn’t easy especially with stiff competition and the ever-growing costs associated with business upkeep. Fortunately, the world of web marketing has allowed small businesses and big businesses alike to have fair game advantage when marketing online. Every business now has the idea that creating a web marketing mix of social media, email marketing, and a business website can encourage consumer engagement and attract new leads.

Since current marketing trends are always evolving quickly, here are 5 marketing hacks that every small business should acknowledge in order to keep ahead of the game.

1. Go Beyond The Social Norm


Along with the standard social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter, explore other options and utilize other sharing platforms such as Instagram and Pinterest as well. These types of sites allow the consumer to promote a product or brand for the business through pictures with the usage of hashtags, tagging, and sharing capabilities.

What better way to market yourself than to let others do it for you for free?


2. Spreading the content love

Having a Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn account is good for creating brand awareness but the ability to lure consumers further in is even better. Getting a consumer to go from point A, a social network site, to point B, your website, can be difficult unless the proper content is created to entice consumers to explore beyond what is presented to them. Blogging has been the marketing technique used by many businesses to engage its customer with interesting information along with creating a creative call-to-action that will eventually lead them to their website.

It is a fact that the more a business blogs the more traffic it brings to a business website.


3. Reel the website visitors back in

It is common for visitors to come to a website to shop or look for some specific information to download. Some may add some things to the online shopping or start the process of a form, and neglect to finish what they started. Businesses have begun to implement a new email marketing concept which targets these visitors with an automated email reminding them to come back and complete what they started called email remarketing.

This gives the customer another chance to go back and finish what they started as well as developing a relationship that shows that the business is in-tune with its customer behavior.


4.  Put those emails to work

Creating email campaigns not only establishes relationships with customers but helps with maintaining them as well. There is a reason why a customer has given an email and a business needs to use that contact information to their advantage as much as possible.

Feeding customers with new information about products, services and promotions through email is an easy and affordable way to increase sales and brand awareness.


5. Be adaptable, flexible, and most importantly, be mobile

Every business needs to tailor their marketing to customer needs and current technology. Being mobile savvy is key to today’s marketing efforts.

This includes having a mobile responsive website, constant engagement on social media, localizing your business with geo-targeting and SMS marketing.

Small businesses can often times feel lost on how to approach their marketing plan. With web marketing being a mainstay within the world of marketing, small businesses have a realm of options to engage consumers and convert them into customers.

Keeping the five points mentioned above in mind can put you on the right track to successfully executing your web marketing ventures.

For more information on how other businesses have used web and inbound marketing, check out real data from our Hubspot guide on Marketing Benchmarks from 7,000 Businesses. 


Discover Marketing Benchmarks From 7,000 Businesses


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