Need help preparing your RFP (Request for Proposal)?

Are You Looking to Prepare an RFP (Request for Proposal)? 

You Need a Team That Has Worked on Over 200 of Them

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We know there are lots of companies out there that provide readymade RFP templates, some of which are useful. 

Unfortunately, most are not designed to help you uncover your true business requirements nor to help you get the most out of potential vendors. 


What You Need Is:


  1. A company with expertise in the preparation, response evaluation, and selection process.

  2. When writing an RFP for new Business Intelligence solutions, a company with hands-on expertise in BI  Solutions.

  3. A company with an extensive successful delivery record.


SAP BW Consulting Can Help You With The Complete RFP Process


We can document your As-Is business processes, your To-Be business process and explode out detailed requirements that both get you what you need without unnecessarily limiting the responses you receive from potential vendors.

In order to prepare a SAP RFP, you need complete knowledge of SAP.

Once you fill out our RFP Contact Form, you will receive access to download our SAP R/3 MindMap, a critical step in understanding what SAP can do.