Data Governance Framework

Implement a Data Governance Framework


Did you know bad data cost the U.S economy at least $600,000,000,000 a year? 

Or that the typical Fortune 200 firm loses more than $5,000,000 a year on bad data?  Would you like to avoid such losses?


No matter which tool you select to implement a robust data governance program, you will need to design an effective Data Governance Framework

You can do that by following our recommendations in our Data Governance Template.  You will:


Data Governance Template

Data Governance is a Team Effort


  • Learn how to design a Data Governance Organizational Structure!

  • Learn what a SAP Organizational Data Governance Model is

  • Have a Data Governance Process Model suitable to providing a Data Governance Audit

  • Discover the keys to designing effective data quality management tools, techniques, policies and procedures!


Download our Data Governance guide now to begin the process of setting up an effective data governance framework.