Do You Need to Develop a New xCelsius Dashboard?

Make Your Life Easier - Use Our Top 10 Tips & Tricks for Dashboard Development

Business Has Never Needed Data Like They Do Today

Today's business' need information that is not only 'at their fingertips', but available in highly interactive 'Dashboard' formats.  SAP xCelsius, along with the subsequent SAP Dashboard development tools, such as SAP Lumira and SAP HANA,  all provide robust development capabilities.  But no matter which one you use to develop your next dashboard, you need to know about proven tips from our projects:

  • What you must do with Data
  • How to ensure you don't stumble on the tools
  • How to approach design.


xcelsius Dashboard Development


To assist our own internal development teams, we developed a set of Standard Operating Instructions or SOPs.  We've created a checklist from these SOPs you can download by completing the form.

Download the Top 10 Tips & Tricks xCelsius Dashboard Development