100% In-house staffing model

Learn the Pro's and Con's of the 9 most common IT Project Staffing Models

SAP BW Staffing Models Comparative Analysis
We have decades of experience managing hundreds of projects.

Evaluate the "100% In-House" staffing model

Sometimes, Your Own Team Is All You Need

Project Staffing is a Key Consideration every project manager will face on every project.

There are many ways to staff a project and not every type will be a right fit for you, your project or your client organization.

With decades of project management experience over a wide range of industries, we have seen hundreds of project staffing variations under 9 common categories.

We have decided to compile a SAP BW Staffing Models - a Comparative Analysis to help you get started on your next project.


Project Charter

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The 100% In-House Staffing Model! 

  • Model Description
  • Notes
  • Advantages
  • Disadvantages
  • Assumptions
  • Prerequisites
  • Model Selection Recommendations

Our discussion on this model type covers all the main topics and considerations when using this type of staffing model.

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