Get a SAP Job with These 2 Interview Tips

We are a little different.

There is more to a career than version numbers.

Whether you are a Top Gun industry veteran or a Junior Fresher just starting out, we are hiring. We all started from zero and worked our way up from there.

These days the first question headhunters ask is:

  • "How much experience do you have".

  • "Have you worked on this version or that version bla bla bla".

As if somehow a tool version number really matters all that much. It doesn't. When was the last time you checked the version of Word you were using? Never. It's the same question in my opinion. Never mind the fact you have 15 years experience on versions 1,2,3,4,5 but oh my no I'm sorry without experience on version 6.0 it will just be impossible for you to do this job. What? Really? You are kidding me right? I believe that all that is really important is your willingness to learn new stuff, figure things out, and solve the problem. It's attitude. So the question is if you don't have the experience or the training how can you do the job? When companies say they can't find people, they are just not trying. The problem is not with you or what version of the tool you have experience with. The problem is with the level of leadership that is lacking in today's job market.

As a manager it is my job to know your strong and weak points and to then select jobs that I know you can handle but that will also challenge you so that you can:

  • Learn new stuff

  • Solve new problems

  • Build up new skills

In SAP, I've never had to solve the same problem twice. It is always something new. We have proven over and over again, that we can take anyone off the street, send them to school, give them study material, get them on our live system, give them a project to do, mentor them, and pull them up by the bootstraps from zero to be fully functional and capable SAP consultants. That's called Leadership. That's what we believe in and that is what you can expect from us. We give everyone a chance. - Douglas Ayers, Vice-President

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3rd Party Interviewer

Ok so you have a resume from someone and you are not sure if what they say on their resume might be true or not. If you would like me to interview someone on your behalf, I would be happy to lend my assistance. I can usually tell within 2 minutes if a person actually has the technical ability to perform the job or not. The reason I can do this is because I have had to sit at the desk and get the job done with my own hands.

Give me a call: 1-256-665-7500 ask for Doug Ayers. MBA, Software Engineer, SAP BW Architect and Developer.