SAP Test Script Development checklist

Ten Ways To Practice Good SAP Test Script Development

If You Haven't Tested It, You Haven't Completed Your Implementation

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Testing...1,2,3,4...Testing. SAP projects will always require their testing phase, and it is essential that it is executed as smoothly as possible. We have created a 10-point SAP development testing checklist that will assuredly get your SAP testing performance in top-notch form.

Our SAP test script  checklist will show you:

  • Details on how you can keep your testing stress-free
  • Tips on how to execute good test script development for every project

Sometimes SAP testing during your SAP implementation project can lead to complications and other obstacles. This test script was developed by a Senior SAP Project Manager with 38+ SAP projects under his belt.  These test script principles can and should be set up within your Solution Manager environment.  By downloading our checklist and following the SAP Test Script Best Practice advice provided, you will see how to eliminate the bad and retain the good aspects of your test script development.