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Are you unsure of what SAP Industry Solutions exist; then the SAP Solution Map Composer (now updated and renamed Solution Explorer) is where you need to start.  It provides a graphical view in non-SAP speak of the SAP Industry Solutions. 

We can help you chose the functionality you need to get the most from your SAP solution.

Whether you are a long time SAP user or just considering SAP, we can help you scope your solution to get the most value in the least amount of time from your investment in SAP.  You may also be interested in a different view we have created of the SAP Solution built using a MindMap (More than 37,000 people have found this useful).  Just click on the image below to get our interactive SAP Mindmap.


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We have also provided a link to the SAP Collaboration Tool, SAP Stream work, which you can download and which will allow us to help you develop a SAP Solution Map tailored specifically to your needs.  Just fill out the form on the right to get to this powerful, free tool.

3 Ways to Design KPIs Using SAP Solution Map Composer