Business Process Management System Template

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Did you know that companies that have won the Malcom Baldridge Quality Award have generally outperformed the market - often times by a wide margin!  What is one of their keys to success?  They have spent a considerable amount of time designing business processes so they can be measured and improved.  In order to do that, you need a Process Management and Modeling approach that is both proven and simple.  That's why we have released a proven Business Process Modeling template.  

Business Process Management System Template

Business Process Management is the First Step to Performance Improvement

With it, you:


  • Use Excel to model your business processes
  • Define measurement points for your processes
  • Establish both quantitative and qualitative quality measurement points 

If you use SAP Solution Manager, which already has a rich set of Business Process Diagrams, they can easily be incorporated into this template.  We've taken the template a step further and added in both an improvement action planning worksheet and a Failure Mode and Effects Analysis (FMEA)  template for you to take your Business Process Modeling to the next level of excellence.  

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