Build Better SAP BW Models

Robust Data Models

The Foundation For Interactive Executive Dashboards


Data Models
To build dynamic dashboards, you must have robust data models

Enterprise Data Model Methodology 

Engineered and Tested

You ability to correctly model your SAP BW system is critical to developing a robust datawarehouse.  We can show you the Best ways to model your InfoCubes and other InfoProviders. 


  • Our Data Modeling methodology is a practical, software engineering based approach based on a methodical approach to data modeling.

  • We can do a remote quick-scan of your current model to uncover 'low-hanging fruit' or we can do a full scale redesign.

Leverage our deep experience, both within the SAP BW domain and across many industries, to build a robust, supportable, evolvable SAP BW Data Model.

Building your SAP BW Data Model


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