Advance your SAP BW / BOBJ Developer Career- Pune, India


We Need India Based Developers

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SAP BW / BOBJ Developer


Pune, India


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We are looking for a few good folks who can or think they can perform some or all of the following tasks. If you have done all these things great, if you have done only some of these things, that is ok too. We will consider everyone's experience and how we can fit your particular skill-set into the given project.

BW Job Descriptions - SAP BW Consultant or SAP Business Objects Consultant

Project Management Skills

-          Customer Interfacing

-          Requirements Gathering, Documentation, Prototyping and Simulation

-          Understand software development lifecycle (waterfall process, etc.)

Business Content Analysis & Installation

-             Able to install business content and evaluate the gaps

Reverse Engineering Skills

-             As-is state System Analysis and Design Documentation

-             Ability to reverse engineer an existing system to document the system as-is state

-             Ability to re-think an existing system to make recommendations for improvement

-             Ability to learn from others existing work

Data Modeling Design

-             Able to understand existing data models and to create new data models as needed

End-to-End naming conventions

ABAP programming

-             Able to program a computer using logically thought out structured methods/techniques

-             Knowledge of ABAP syntax

Data Flows

-          ETL

-          - Custom Data Sources

-          - ABAP programming

-          Source System Connections

-          Characteristics

-          Key Figures

-          Tables

-          - Keys

-          Update Rules

-          Transfer Rules

-          Start Routines

-          End Routines

-          Cubes

-          - Aggregates

-          - Indexes

-          Infoset

-          Multiproviders

-          InfoSpokes

-          Transports

Process Chains

-          Single and Meta Chains

-          Naming Strategies

-          Monitoring & restarting

-          Data Dumping and Reloading

BEx Queries

-          Basic Queries / Workbooks

-          Calculated Key Figures

-          Restricted Key Figures

-          Structures

-          Variables

-          Customer Exits

-          Exceptions & Conditions

-          Drill-down

-          Roll-up

-          User Exits

BW Security

-          Understanding of BW/BI security authorizations and concepts

-          Ability to create, modify and edit security authorization objects and roles

Portal Integration

-          Be familiar with how it is usually done in the real world

Production Support

-          Able to Trace through a system to identify & fix end-user issue root cause

-          Able to interface with end users, gather new requirements, implement new requirements

Business Objects Integration with Business Warehouse

Crystal Reports

-          Interface Crystal reports to BEx Queries

-          Design Crystal Reports solutions

Live Office

-          Install Live Office on your own PC

-          Configure Live Office to enable talk betweeb Crystal Reports and xCelsius

Business Objects Skills

xCelsius Dashboards

-          Ability to interface with end-users to define end user dashboard requirements

-          Ability to interface xCelsius to Crystal Reports and BEx Queries

-          Ability to design a data selection

-          Ability to design a data presentation (graph, chart, guage, etc.)

-          Ability to design a navigation  scheme for the dashboard

-          Ability to troubleshoot end user problems

Webi Reporting

-          Ability to interface with end-users to define end user webi requirements

-          Ability to design a data model schema for a universe

-          Ability to design webi reports and webi-dashboards

-          Ability to troubleshoot end user problems