How to Shape an IT Strategic Plan

Your 5-Year Strategic IT Partners:  SAP BW Consulting, Inc. utilizes a unique project-roadmap methodology fully aligned to the PMI and ASAP Project Management Roadmaps to help our customers shape their long-term strategic 5-year IT plan, IT Budget and IT implementation goals. Our methodology is very robust. However, if you have a methodology already in place you would like us to use, we can work with that too.

Strategic IT Roadmap

One of Our Roadmap Development Tools

A sucessful IT strategy should start with a core system that provides 100% confidence to the organization each and every single day. This becomes your Model Core Template System.

Once well developed and debugged over a period of 5 years, the organization will gladly accept and TRUST this core system. But in order to gain this trust, it has to prove itself first.

Developing this system is Phase I of the first 5 years of your long term IT Strateic Plan. From this core system Top Management will recognize they have a centralized common Core template system centered around common business processes that provides real management value at all levels of the organization from the very top to the lowest person in the company.

Once your common core template system is developed, debugged and starting to mature for a single location, Phase II of the long term IT strategy is to begin rolling this core template system out to the rest of the global sites so that all existing pen and paper based operations or marginally efficient organizations are rolled into the Core system.

At this point, your IT Strategic Plan, will provide management with a global view of all operations from a single top level view.

The competitive advantages are enormous at this point.

Develop a 5 Year IT Roadmap


Important IT Strategic Plan Topics, Experience and Insights To Consider: