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How Do You Manage Massive Commercial Real Estate Holdings [RFP Guide]

[fa icon="calendar"] Sat, May, 13, 2017 @ 03:04 PM / by Lonnie Ayers

Lonnie Ayers

If you've read the news lately, there will soon be a lot of available real estate.  Why?  Because the retail landscape is changing, and leaving a lot of excess 'capacity'.  That means there are going to be a lot of corporate real estate managers who wish they had a system to manage these assets.  

That leads to the question - just what requirements should a commercial real estate management software meet?  

Hong Kong, China dense cityscape of office buildings..jpeg 

Broadly speaking, there are 8 functionality areas any commercial real estate software must provide:

  • Real Property & Lease Management

  • Space Management

  • Furniture & Equipment Management

  • Project Management

  • Strategic Master Planning

  • Capital Budgeting Management

  • Overlay with Design Management for AutoCAD and Revit or other types of design software
  • Hoteling Applications

Within these broad application areas, there are a multitude of related requirements.  

To be truly effective, a software that meets these requirements must provide a high level of integration not just among these modules, but among a variety of other modules within the ERP environment and deep integration into a variety of other systems, such as banks, credit reporting agencies, travel agencies, market platforms and many others.

In order to help our clients, we've put together a comprehensive Real Estate functionality requirements guide which is available by pressing the button.  It is based on a variety of real projects where SAP REFX was ultimately chosen as the software provider.  We hope you'll find it usef.


SAP REFX Requirement Guidelines


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Lonnie Ayers

Written by Lonnie Ayers

About the Author: Lonnie Ayers is a Hubspot Certified Inbound Marketing consultant, with additional certifications in Hubspot Content Optimization, Hubspot Contextual Marketing, and is a Hubspot Certified Partner. Specialized in demand generation and sales execution, especially in the SAP, Oracle and Microsoft Partner space, he has unique insight into the unique challenges Service Providers face with generating leads and closing sales using the latest digital tools. With 15 years of SAP Program Management experience, and dozens of complex sales engagements under his belt, he helps partners develop and communicate their unique sales proposition. Frequently sought as a public speaker in various events, he is available for both inhouse engagements and remote coaching.

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