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Netwokring for SAP PM Implementation

[fa icon="calendar"] Sun, May, 07, 2017 @ 03:51 PM / by Doug Ayers

Doug Ayers

How Not to Look for Candidates

Once in a while I get what I would call a "disturbing job solicitation" like this one.

Today I received the following job advertisement:


"Sent: Wed 5/3/2017 10:21 am

From: redacted

To: doug.ayers@sapbwconsulting.com

Reason: Netowkring for SAP PM Implementation


I am currently looking for someone who has solid experience with SAP PM Implementations and also has SAP BW experience.  Do you know anyone in your network or that you have worked along side in the past that would be open to this kind of opportunity? This would be for a Contract opportunity in the IN area. I appreciate your help please do let me know if anyone comes to mind."

Hey finally a perfect fit! Wait a minute. Something is wrong.

On the surface it does not seem like there is anything disturbing with this job advertisement, the english is good. It is friendly written but the issue I have with it is even though it is written directly to me asking for my help I am automatically excluded from consideration for this job by the sender. Why? Somehow I find this automatic exclusion disturbing.

My qualifications for this job are sufficient to meet the needs of this job, I've done mostly this same work for over 10 years! I've been looking for good work for some time now so I am in the market. I am not sure if SAP PM is referring to "SAP Plant Maintenance (PM)" or "SAP Project Management (PM)", the email does not say which and could be either one, but in either case I would consider myself qualified for both. I have 6 years of Plant Maintenance (PM) experience in a very large multinational company factory with over 3000 workers under one building that covered 57 football fields. I know all about plant maintenance and SAP Plant Maintenance.

With over 2500 software development cycles under my belt, I also have been managing sap projects for over 10 years now and I even got a PMP certificate so I have the project management (PM) certification part more than covered.

I am in the IN area.

I also have been working exclusively in SAP BW, BI, BOBJ, Hana, Data Services and others with about 10 years continuous experience in these particular technologies. So why does this person think I am not a viable candidate and automatically excluded me from the running? Why. What's their deal?

So as you can see, the issue I have with this offensive job email is the sender automatically excluded me and anyone from my company from the opportunity to compete for this job and now they are asking me to help them find someone else in "My" network to help them solve "Their" problem.

I have no trouble helping someone in need find people in my network, but before I do that, I would first:

  • Like to get the common courtesy of competing for consideration for this job.
  • I Want to know what is in it for me or my company if I help them
  • At least a single phone call to discuss. Everyone says they can not find STEM workers yet when you have one right in front of you and you automatically refuse to talk to them.
  • Please don't automatically bypass me, my education, my experience, my background, my company out of the gate (how does this person know me. They don't. )
  • Get a reason from the sender as to why they think I should be automaticallly excluded for this job

This Email disturbs me and it is a good example of How Not to Look for Candidates.

With over 7000 resumes from SAP candidates in our file cabinets, "does anyone come to mind"? Automatic Nope. Not today!


Doug Ayers

Written by Doug Ayers

I am a computer engineer by education and certified PMP with over 33 years working experience in software engineering. I am also a Private Pilot. I have worked on 146 software projects spanning over 2500 customer releases since 1991 with a majority of those being multinational automotive projects. I have worked in 7 different programming languages including real time embedded assembly language software used for writing the engine control software for the Chevrolet Silverado and GMC Sierra pickup trucks. I have been 100% dedicated to SAP BI and SAP Business Objects since 2006. I have been on about 15 SAP projects so far. I am really good at seeing process issues before they become a major project issue and I am also really good at analyzing and reverse engineering complex systems and creating system wide drawings which is an ability that always helped me do my job better. I also bring a lot of heavy duty software engineering techniques and practices from the real time embedded world into the SAP world and that experience has also been one of my key success factors that’s hard for other people to duplicate. Prior to doing software I was a Factory Maintenance supervisor at General Motors Corporation from 1985 to 1991 (6 years) and I supervised between 35 to 90 factory maintenance (UAW) employees daily on any given day, I am also a Licensed Powerhouse Stationary Engineer. I have worked on several government SAP projects so far and it is one of my personal goals to work on all the government SAP projects

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