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9 Reasons SAP BW Projects Fail-Maybe!

SAP BW Project Success Factors

After watching a recent video by Mike Yuk and Jon of Jon ERP and reading the related Gartner report, which was actually sort of depressing, I had a long tête-a-tête with my brother and chief SAP BW architect to see if we couldn’t diagnose why so many BW projects around the world are apparently failing.  Especially since the ones we have worked on have generally succeeded.   We think this is an important question because if 75% of all IT projects are doomed to failure on day one, the question is "Why" are they doomed to fail and can these doomed projects be identified through risk evaluation and perhaps set on a course with a high probability ( ie. > 95% confidence level) of success?  Brainstorming, we came up with the following potential common causes of business intelligence failures.

10 Reasons Why Business Buy-In beats Change Management

SAP Change Management

Did you know that in a recent Gartner report, 75% of all business intelligence projects are projected to fail and this number is worse than reported by Gartner in all previous reports, going back to at least 2003!  You would think that after all these years of business intelligence projects, the tools would be ‘good enough’.   But if you listen to the BI tools vendors, or just watch their release schedule or pay attention to their buy-outs, then you would have to conclude that by now, the tools must be pretty good, and in some cases, very beautiful to look at.  

5 Must-Know Tips To Strengthen Your Marketing Strategy Development

marketing strategy

To successfully execute most things in life, like a business, a vacation or a party, there has to be good strategic planning behind it.  I have recently experienced personally how having a good strategy can guarantee success even with the most difficult of situations. Unfortunately, the “difficult situation” was myself.  A couple of months ago my boyfriend, friends and family were able to successfully pull off a surprise birthday party for me, which is no easy feat. You see, I love the element of surprise but something always goes wrong with my beloved surprise and I. Either I catch wind of the surprise and have to pretend to go along with it or I have to be told the surprise in advance because I am so resistant in going with what is supposed to be the diversion plan. However, this time, I was completely, utterly 100 percent surprised that I cried and was so shocked my first reaction was to walk out of the party because I was so overwhelmed. This was all due to fantastic strategic planning as well as knowing your end-client very well, which was myself, in this case. The elements of this victorious surprise party plan included planning ahead, dividing duties amongst a number of people, a little trickery and having a good diversion plan that will not seem out of the ordinary and have me suspect that something is awry.

Three Reasons Why You Need To Break Up With Your Old Marketing Habits

stick figures angry toward other 400 clr 4442

I am an Inbound Marketing Specialist. A connoisseur of the inbound marketing methodology.  I am a consultant who will make you push aside your traditional marketing and lure customers to come to you as organically as possible. But, what is inbound marketing? How does it work exactly? In my experience, I have had to explain what I do and what inbound marketing actually is to a numerous amount of people including family, friends, and strangers. Upon my explanation, the responses I usually receive range from vacant stares to genuine intrigue. Generally, I try to simplify what I do as generating web traffic and inbound sales through social media, blogging, search engine optimization (SEO), content creation and keywords.

14 Ways to Write Better SAP Proposals

SAP Business Proposal

Sometimes, you need to be very thorough and complete when accomplishing a goal, using whatever means are at your disposal.   For instance, one time, my mother needed some help in getting a very persistent salesman off her front yard.  Just so you know, no salesmen were harmed in the making of this blog.  It played out something like this- When my brother and I were just young lads a car stopped at our house and out came two men selling replacement windows.  They showed graphic pictures of people who had been burned in their home because they didn’t have the kind of windows these men were selling, and they just would not leave, no matter how much our mom encouraged them to do so.  My brother and I decided to help her out a little.  We went around the house and came out again carrying an empty bomb case and asked her to admire what we had found.  Those two men left on a run, not realizing the “bomb” was only a casing left over from World War II that our grandfather had found and given to us.  So from a project completeness perspective, i.e., getting the salesman gone, it took a little more effort than just asking them to leave!

10 Advanced SAP BW Project Estimation Techniques

Project Estimation

"It depends".  If you’re around SAP long enough, you’ll come to know this phrase well.  Sometimes, it can be really frustrating to hear those famous last words, “it depends”, other times, it can lead to some useful conversations.   But, a customer wants an estimate they can take to the bank.  There are a lot of studies that suggest that when asked to estimate something, the doer typically overestimates to give himself some wiggle room. 

17 Tips for Creating Clear SAP BW Requirements

Frugality with Consulting Dollars

Once upon a time, there was a SAP BW consultant, newly assigned to a Global SAP BW project that was on its 40th country deployment.  Like all good stories, this one has an evil villain and a superhero.    The villain in this case, turns out to be unclear BI requirements.  The superhero turns out to be a crusty, affectionate, curmudgeonly developer.   Strangely, for a miserly developer, this curmudgeon was not miserly with words, particularly when it comes to developing BI requirements.

Three Ways Social Marketing Is Changing The Way We Shop

multiple signs custom 13406

Whether shopping online in the comfort of your own home or at a store where you can see and try the product is all a matter of preference and has become a topic of a good debate. However, it has become almost a necessity for businesses to have an online presence whether they have a brick'n'mortar store or not. For example, stores that market themselves on Etsy are mostly small business owners from all across the globe who run their business' selling online only. However, several businesses have taken the concept of online shopping to another level with the wonderful ways of social networking online.

6 Secrets of Integrating Inbound Marketing with Retail Strategy

Retail is Always Changing

"Eppur si muove", or "And Yet It Moves", reportedly uttered by Galileo Galilei, might well apply to todays Retailers, who, when confronted with consumers who are more empowered than ever, continue to insist on a Retail Strategy based on an environment long since past.

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