A Productized SAP Service Package

SAP BW 3.X to 7.X Upgrade Service

Are You Facing An SAP Netweaver 3.X Business Warehouse Upgrade Project?  It Involves Many Complex Steps But Can Be Intelligently Handled.

With Our Approach You Get:

  • Clearly Defined SAP BW 3.x to 7.X Upgrade Strategy
  • Clear Risk Reduction Using A Productized Service Approach
  • Delivery By SAP BW Experts
Our Approach

A Repeatable Process Delivered Consistently

We've Engineered Our SAP BW 3.X Upgrade Service To Quickly Get You To The Next Level SAP Release.

Assessment Phase Details

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Typically Takes 5 to 10 Days

Specific Tasks and Deliverables

Key Points To Remember

  • Applicable Notes Vary By Your Environment
  • Standard Reports Depend Upon Installation of Correct SAP Notes
  • Our Team Must Have Remote Access
  • You Must Have A Project Sponsor
  • This Process Works For Each SAP BW Release Level With Slight Variations Only
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System Clean-Up Phase Details

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These Are The Critical Foundational Steps Of Our Process

Manual Clean-Up Steps

Project Planning Assumptions

  • 5 Days Per Terabyte
  • All Unreferenced Objects Will Be Addressed
  • Technical Naming Conventions Consistent and Have Been Followed
  • Transfer Rules Will Be Checked For Consistency
  • No Functionality Updates Made During Clean-Up Period
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Process Chain Clean-Up Phase Details

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Finalize The Updating Of Your Automation

Process Chain Clean-Up

Process Chain Approach

  • Verify And Validate Each Process Chain
  • Implement Optimization Techniques
  • Design Meta-Chains
  • Set-Up For Hand-Off Operation
  • Monitor Operation Full Life-Cycle of ALL Process Chains
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Here's what our customers say

With Over 20 Years Of SAP BW Implementation Experience, We've Developed A Portfolio Of Customers We Are Proud To Feature

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CEO of Awesomeness

Ready to Upgrade to SAP HANA

Your SAP Datawarehouse Needs Preparation

Migrating with or without the migration tool, SAP BW/BI 3.X to 7.X on SAP HANA can be a complex process.  That's why we've broken it down into a few clearly defined process steps:

  • Step 1.  Current Status Assessment
  • Step 2.  Preparation of Migration and Upgrade Roadmap
  • Step 3.  Execution of Migration

Special Interest Items During Assessment Phase

  • Data Sources
  • Target Systems
  • Source System (SAP ECC)
  • Calculated Key Figures
  • Existing Aggregates
  • Data Stores
  • Bex Analyzer
  • BW Query Designer and existing Queries
  • Formulas
  • Workbooks
  • Infosources
  • PSA
  • DTP
  • Views
  • Process Chain(s) including Meta Process Chains
  • ETL Structures
    • Communications Structures
      • Update Rules
    • Data Transfer Structures
    • Transformations
    • Other SAP BW Objects
  • Existing Data Upload Messages Being Thrown
  • Use of Customer Exits
  • Master Data
    • Customer
    • Vendor
    • Material
    • BOMs
    • Accounting Data
    • Serial Numbers
  • Characteristics
  • Dimensions
  • Attributes
  • InfoCubes
  • InfoObjects
  • InfoPackages
  • Fox Programs
  • Planning Cubes (APO and SEM)
  • Delta Loads
  • Foreign Currency Data Feed Connections

Front End Items

Though a technical migration of SAP BW 3.X to SAP BW 7.X can be and typically is completely transparent to the end user, good technical practices dictate that we perform a complete thorough examination of the User Presentation Layer, which often incorporates many elements beyond the standard Bex Analyzer report embedded in excel that some users still use.  Therefore, as part of the pre and post migration quality assurance part of your SAP BW 3.X to 7.X migration roadmap, we will also look at and validate:

  • Web Templates
  • MS Analysis Reports (if in use)
  • Calculated Fields
  • User Security Settings
  • Webi Dashboards (this can involve separately scoped project work in those cases were changes are needed.  Scope control is critical for success)
  • End User Documentation 
  • Usage Statistics

Challenges To Be Expected

Depending on the age of your system, many of which have been live for 20 or more years, and the diligence of your basis team in keeping notes and packages installed and up-to-date, it can take more or less time to prepare you SAP BW 3.X (or earlier versions) for migration.

Our experts strive to make this a smooth process for you that brings great business value to you and your team.  

Business Case Development

An SAP BW 3.X to 7.X migration is not only challenging, it entails substantial cost, including consulting and potentially server upgrades and additional licensing requirements.  That's why, when necessary, we work with CIOs and Project Managers to build business case for migration based on both objective and subjective justification metrics, such as ROI, improved end-user acceptance, and greater penetration of the datawarehouse and its capabilities deeper into the organization.

Server Sizing

Though every SAP BW environment is different, many are undersized servers, and as a result, suffer from poor performance.  SAP now offers a variety of different options, including purely cloud, purely on-premise and hybrid approaches.  Regardless of which target operating environment you are migrating too, each still has to be properly sized.  SAP HANA offers a vastly improved performance capability, including its datawarehouse capability.  However, our strategy is typically to complete the migration first, stabilize, then to start rolling out a series out incremental improvements.

End User Training

Obtaining high end user adoption rates requires more than just good documentation.  It requires that the users 'own' the data, understand and agree with the output and trust the answers.  That's why we specialize in post-migration end-user training.   It's also the fastest, most effective way for our team to detect any errors and or potential improvements needed, which can include error detection and handling all the way through to KPI formulas that are no longer valid.

Completing Your Migration

Before the your migration can be considered complete, you, the end-user and or business user, will be asked to 'accept and sign-off' on the work.  We normally offer and most clients request and need, 60 days of post go-live support in the form of hyper-care.  This is to ensure the data flows are working as expected and to capture any new user requirements that come out of knowing that new capabilities now make possible new insights.

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