What is SAP's Business Warehouse

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 What is SAP Business Warehouse: SAP Business Warehouse or SAP Business Intelligence, is a data warehousing system and reporting platform with connectors to virtually any other IT system platform with data integration, long-term data storage facilities and managment reporting capabilities to provide you with reporting on particular knowledge areas of your business so that you, as a manager:

  1. Can make smart business decisions that will either increase your sales or reduce your operating costs in some way.
  2. In this respect, every SAP BW project should save you more money over time than it cost you to develop.

We have developed a mindmap of both SAP BW and the entire SAP R/3 system for you to explore and understand the relationship and construction of the SAP BW system.  You can download our MindMap by completing the discovery form on the left.

There is also an extended Blog entry on our site that further explains "what is SAP Business Warehouse".


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