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Do You Run Facebook Advertising Campaigns?

Did you know that your SERP results or (Search Engine Results Pages) can be improved by having your website optimized for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) results.   You can achieve a lower overall cost per acquisition from your Facebook advertising spend if you find and correct many of the common technical SEO issues we find everyday on every website. 

When you are trying to beat your competition using Search Engine Marketing or SEM, you want to be concentrating on the message your prospects see, not on whether you have the right number and type of H1 tags on your site.  That's why a SEM Audit should start with a quick scan of your website so you can find and fix, then rerun the Free SEO Grader audit tool to verify you have fixed the problems this tool identifies.


Do You Run Google Pay-Per-Click Advertising as Well?


Most all businesses are already running Google Analytics on their site, and a great many of them are also spending money on both Google Pay-per-Click or PPC advertising and Product Listing Ads - especially if they are in the e-commerce field.  As with Facebook advertising, having technical website SEO issues can affect your cost per click or CPC. 

Specifically, Google awards a Google defined quality score for every page on your website where you're sending traffic.  It also grades your overall website from technical SEO perspective.  That's why you need to use a tool like our Website Marketing Grader to evaluate your website periodically.  It is nearly impossible to find all the potential errors, such as AMP, that need to be fixed manually.  It is always cheaper to use automation to help build your SEO improvement roadmap, though deep technical expertise is still required to fix the identified Issues.