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   Developing Balanced Scorecards  Link
   CIO Guide to IT Strategy  Link
   Create a 5 Year Strategic IT Roadmap  Link
 Online Benchmarking Tool🛠

 Do You Need a Data Warehouse Assessment Tool

   CEO's Guide to SAP  Link


 Consultant Guides

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 Online Tool🛠  Consultant Rate Calculator   Link
   View SAP Consultant Market Rate Information Here  Link
   Get Our Guide to Becoming a Top Gun SAP Consultant  Link
   12 Easy Steps to Being a Better SAP Consultant  Link
 Online Tool🛠  BMI Calculator  Link
   SAP Career Coaching  Link


 Inbound Marketing

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 Online Tool🛠

Service Level Agreement Calculator

 Online Tool🛠

Automated Online Inbound Marketing Assessment Tool

  Learn How To Implement a Multi-Channel Marketing Campaign  Link
  Get 10 Cross-Channel Marketing Tips  Link
  Explore Inbound Marketing Lessons from 7,000 Businesses  Link
  Get Ahead With The Essential Step-by-Step Guide to Internet Marketing  Link
  Learn 9 Secrets to Multi Channel Marketing  Link
  Learn How To Create Killer Marketing Content  Link
  10 Steps to Turn Your Website Redesign into an Inbound Marketing Machine  Link
  Get Our 5 Step Guide to Multi Channel Marketing Campaign  Link
  How To Grow And Scale A Business Blog eBook  Link
  How to Optimize Landing Pages for Conversions  Link
  Complete Guide To Optimizing Email Marketing  Link
  How To Attract Customers With Twitter  Link
  Get Inspired With These 54 Brilliant Homepage Design  Link
  Request Inbound Marketing Services  Link
 Online Tool🛠 Value of Lead Calculator  Link
  How To Unlock The ROI Of Your Marketing Analytics  Link
  Get a FREE Inbound Marketing Assessment  Link
  An Introduction To Business Blogging  Link
  Learning SEO From The Experts  Link
  Gain Internet Marketing Edge With Your Social Media  Link
  20 Marketing Trends & Predictions  Link
  Your 25 Website Must Haves For Driving Traffic, Le  Link
  Unifying Your Sales And Marketing Efforts  Link
  SAP Partner Inbound Marketing  Link
  Learn 5 Ways To Keep Your SMS Marketing Fresh  Link
  Discover How To Integrate Inbound Marketing with Your Retail Strategy  Link
  The Anatomy of a 5 Star Email  Link
  An Introduction To Email Marketing  Link
  The Handy Tool Kit for Launching & Measuring a Remarkable Campaign  Link
  Capture Your Perfect Audience With Developing A Buyer Persona  Link
  How To Turn Facebook Fans Into Paying Customers  Link
  A 10-Step Checklist For Your Website Design  Link
  An Introduction To Closed-Loop Marketing  Link
  10 Things To Cut From Your Marketing  Link
  Inbound Marketing Assessment  Link
  Get Your Ultimate Guide to Hiring an Inbound Marketing Agency  Link
  The Complete Guide To Creating, Designing and Executing Effective Calls-to-Action (CTAs)  Link
  How To Run An Inbound Marketing Campaign Checklist  Link
  Onsite Content Marketing Workshop  Link
  How To Use Google+ For Business  Link
  Gain Peace Of Mind With An Organized Marketing Plan Strategy  Link
  Learn How To Measure Multi Channel Marketing Campaigns  Link
  Benchmarking Report SAP Partner Website Ranking Benchmarking Report  Link
  Facebook Ad Management Services  Link
  Social Media Statistics  Link
  How To Combine Hubspot's Prospects Tool and LinkedIN Sales Strategy  Link
  Heyday Footwear Hubspot+Shopify Case Study  Link


 SAP Industry Solutions

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  Explore SAP Industry Solutions!  Link
  Enterprise Services  Link
  Confused by RFP Responses?  Link
  SAP Industry Knowledge  Link
  Military Logistics  Link
  Aerospace & Defense  Link
  Delivering Value  Link
  Industry Knowledge  Link
  Business Model Innovation  Link
  Enterprise Services  Link
  Confused by RFP Responses?  Link
  SAP Industry Knowledge  Link


 iOS Development

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  Discover the Top 10 Enterprise App Development Tip  Link
  Get Our Expert's Guide to App Development  Link



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  Search SAP Jobs by Country  Link
  Understand the 1099, C2C, W2 Employment Models?  Link
  Working with us Internationally  Link
  View Job List  Link
  2 Sample Interview Questions  Link
 Online Tool🛠

Payscale Cost of Living Calculator




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  SAP Partner Advisory Services  Link
  Register as a Supplier  Link



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  View SAP Consultant Profiles, Resumes and CV's  Link
  Learn More About or Hire Our Candidates  Link
  Evaluate Staffing Models - Completely Contracted Out  Link
  Evaluate Staffing Models - Offshore  Link
  Evaluate Staffing Models - Spot Consulting  Link
  Evaluate Staffing Models - Onshore  Link
  Evaluate Staffing Models - External Management  Link
  Evaluate Staffing Models - Internal Management  Link


SAP Project Management Advisory Resources

 Project Management

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  Tap the Power of a Project Charter  Link
  SAP BW Tutorial Best Practice for Project Charters  Link
 Template Get the SAP BW Scope Management Plan Template  Link
  Manage Risk Using our Risk Management Guide  Link
  Track Your WRICEF Items and Control Development Cost  Link
  Improve your SAP BW Project Requirements Gathering  Link
  Request SAP Project Management Support  Link
Template Migrate Your Data With Ease With Our Data Conversion Template  Link
  Develop a Data Governance Framework  Link
  Ten Tips Every SAP BW Project Manager Should Know  Link
  Top 10 Tips for SAP Project Management  Link
  The Blueprint To Building A Successful Project  Link
  SAP ASAP Project Review  Link

Justify Your Project Value With Our Business Case Builder

  Uncover The Successful Path Through The Project Realization Phase  Link
  Bring Your Project To Life With Our Top Tips For Go-Live Phase  Link
  Get IT Staffing and Project Management  Link
  Here are Your Top 10 Production Support Tips  Link
  Reach The Final Stretch With Our Top 10 Tips for Your Preparation Phase  Link
  Discover Key Marketing Project Management Tips  Link
  Top 10 Tips SAP Project Preparation Phase  Link
  Specify WRICEF Objects from a Functional Perspective  Link
  Track Your Change Request Effectively  Link
  Requirements Gathering Best Practices  Link
  Keep Track of Your Business Process Requirements  Link
  Achieve Data Governance Buy-In!  Link
  Guide to Achieving Business Buy-In  Link
 Template Sub-Contractor Risk Management Checklist  Link
  Profit Proposal Calculator
  Tap the Power of a Stakeholder Management Plan  Link
  Need help with your RFP?  Link
 Template Process Management System Template  Link
  SAP Project Review and Implementation Advisory  Link
Template SAP Project Change Request Template  Link



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 Mindmap Learn What ERP is Using Our MindMap  Link
  10 Ways To Practice Good Test Script Development  Link
  Get The Most Out of SAP Solution Manager!  Link
  Learn More About SAP Modules  Link



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  Learn How To Model SAP BI Integrated Planning Scenarios  Link
  Discover How to Create SAP BI-IP Planning Functions  Link



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  xCelsius Dashboards  Link
  Test SAP BusinessObjectss Dashboards  Link
  xCelsius 2008 Dashboard Best Practices  Link
  Improve Dashboard User Interfaces  Link
  SAP BOBJ Executive Dashboards  Link
  Build High-Impact xCelsius Dashboards  Link
  Get 10 Critical SAP BPC Functions  Link
  Request SAP BPC Consulting Support  Link
   Top 10 Tips & Tricks for xCelsius Dashboard Development  Link


 SAP BW Consulting

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 Mindmap Explore SAP BW Interactively  Link
 Mindmap Understanding SAP BW in 5 minutes  Link
  Get Your SAP BW Data Modeling Guide - Part I  Link
  InfoCube Dimensional Modeling  Link
  Data Modeling eBook  Link
 Online Tool🛠

Estimate Your SAP BW Consulting Resource Needs

  MultiProviders and Infosets  Link
  Learn How To Build MultiProviders and InfoSets
  Modeling Key Figures  Link
  SAP Reporting Strategy Development  Link
  Get SAP BW MultiProviders and InfoSets Guide  Link
 Template Get Our Query Design Template  Link
  Get SAP BW Data Modeling Key Figures Guide  Link
 Online Tool🛠

Consulting Rate Calculator

  Build Better SAP BW Models  Link
  Learn to Model Aggregates  Link
 Online Tool🛠

SAP BW Project Estimator Calculator

  Get SAP BW Data Modeling Aggregates Guide  Link
  MultiProviders and Infosets  Link
  Get 10 Advanced BW Performance Improvement Techniques  Link
  Upgrading Your BW System?  Link
  Learn SAP BW Data Modeling  Link
  Get the Understand SAP BW in 5 Minutes Guide  Link
  Learn to Specify WRICEF Functional Specifications  Link
  Business Reporting Requirements Analysis  Link
 Template Get a SAP BW Integration Testing Template  Link
 Template Get a SAP BW Technical Specification Template  Link
  Get the SAP Menu Shortcuts List for SAP BW  Link
   Common Business Formulas and Ratios  Link


 SAP Consulting

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  Greenfield SAP Implementation  Link
 FREE Service Offering Request SAP BW Naming Convention Review  Link
  Discover 10 Keys to Selecting SAP Consulting Companies  Link
  Request SAP BW Consulting Support  Link
  Learn About Engaging With Us  Link
  Evaluate Staffing Models - Internal  Link
  SAP Support Offering  Link
  SAP Staffing Agencies  Link
  Request SAP BW Consulting Support Now!  Link
  SAP Support Offering  Link
  Evaluate Staffing Models - External Management  Link
  Evaluate Staffing Models - 100% In-House  Link

 Online Value Calculator


 On-Demand Remote SAP Consulting Support

 Template SAP Business Process Blueprint Template  Link
 Template SAP Implementation SOW Project Plan template  Link



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  Get the SAP REFX Guide to Real Estate Management Functionality  Link
  Explore Key SAP REFX Capabilities  Link
  Discover The Value Proposition For SAP REFX-Land U  Link
 Online Scoping Tool🛠

REFX Scoping Tool - Start Here



 SAP Webi

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  Create Beautiful SAP BusinessObjects Webi Dashboard  Link
  BO Webi Tutorial Guide - Part I  Link
  Define Your SAP Webi Requirements  Link
  The Universe Will Free Your Data!  Link
  Universe Development Guide  Link



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  Build a SEM BPS Retail Industry Value Case  Link
 Template Balanced Scorecard Strategy Template  Link
 Template Balanced Scorecard Risk Register Template  Link