How To Use Google+ To Achieve Outstanding Business Results!

Discover How SAP Partners and Customers are Using Google+ For Business Marketing Success and are Achieving Outstanding Business Results!

So How Does Google Plus Marketing Fare?

Since it was launched Google+ has proven its place in the marketing world as a strong social media marketing channel contender. Though much smaller than Facebook, in terms of active users, in terms of overall users, it is close to 2 billion!  You don't have to have to many active users when you're talking billions of anything.  It also provides key data to Google about how their users are interacting with the system, thus allowing them to continuously improve their services across the board.


Based on recent statistics, 15% of marketers acquired a customer from this social channel.


In addition, Google+ has unique features and add-ons including Google product integrations, that only make its marketing value stronger.  

With our Hubspot-Parterned guide, you will get detailed information on how to set-up and strategize your Google+ marketing efforts. 

Our ebook also includes:

  • 5 Quick Tips for Managing Your Google+ Page
  • How Google Search Gets More Personal (& More Powerful)
  • Google+ Vocabulary: A Quick Reference Glossary

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