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Learn Our Top 10 SAP Project Management Tips

Let's face it, SAP Projects are tough, significant emotional events. To avoid the pitfalls of SAP Projects, and there are many, you need experienced SAP Project Managers, certified by SAP in the SAP ASAP Methodology and by the Project Management Institute (PMI) PMBOK Methodology as PMPs.

To see our Top 10 Tips for managing SAP  Projects, download our whitepaper on the subject below.

Our approach to any given project will follow both the PMP Methodology as well as the SAP ASAP Methodology. In addition to these two proven project management methodologies, the Water Fall Process Methodology will also be incorporated at various points in the project lifecycle. Where customers and clients have their own methodology already in place, we will include those processes into the project management approaches incorporated.

Download Our Top 10 Tips for Managing SAP Projects

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